Is it okay to use a coil when one has bad scars?

Monday October 21 2019


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Dr, my wife has bad scars on the chest,the ear the pubic bone, and where they immunised on the arm. She is pretty big and I do not want her to get bigger using other contraceptives. Can she use a coil when she has bad scars? Akiiki Ruboijaniza

Dear Akiiki Ruboijaniza,
An Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) popularly known as a coil commonly used in Uganda, is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is wrapped with a thin copper wire and can be effective in preventing pregnancy for even up to 10 years. Another rare type of intra uterine device contains a hormone progesterone and just like other hormonal contraceptives may lead to some weight gain.

Bad scars usually called keloids affect the skin not wombs where the IUCD is inserted and therefore women with bad scars on the skin can use IUCDs without endangering health.

The intra uterine device or coil is ideal in women in stable, monogamous relationships and especially those who have delivered before whether by caesarean section or the normal way.

Women may have copper allergy which they may have noticed from reacting to earrings. It is these rather than those with ear keloids or keloids in any other skin area, that should avoid using coils for contraception.

Women who have had unexplained vaginal bleeding, or are already pregnant or have lifestyles putting them at risk of STDs like sex workers, those in polyamorous or polygamous relationships that should also avoid using the coil.