Nabasirye needs a kidney transplant

Monday October 14 2019


By Joan Salmon

In October 2018, Jackie Nabasirye begun vomiting, losing energy, feeling dizzy.
With the condition not getting any better, her parents took her to Nsambya Hospital where several tests were done until finally, they discovered that her kidneys were failing.
“We were referred to Nakasero Hospital but were admitted at Nsambya as we awaited our transfer. After a meal, she slept for the next 24 hours and when she woke up, a task as simple as washing her face saw her faint and stay in coma for the next four days.
It was then that a specialist from Nakasero Hospital, Dr Anthony Bate was contacted.
After assessing her, he advised that we start dialysis to save her life,” Sylvia Mbekaka, Nabasirye’s mother explains.
Dialysis was done for four days and thankfully, on the third day of the procedure, Nabasirye regained consciousness. With bills increasing on a daily basis, the family asked to be discharged.
“By that time, our bill was Shs7m and Dr Bate advised that we take her to Kiruddu Mulago Hospital. He also mentioned that as a child, she cannot be on dialysis for life hence the urgent need for a kidney transplant,” she says.
At the moment, Mbekaka says her daughter occasionally gets infections which call for urgent help and her kidneys have greatly shrunk.
“She goes for dialysis twice a week without which her body swells,” Mbekaka explains.
Dr D.K Agarwal, a senior consultant and nephrologist from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in India, also confirms her need for a transplant.

Call for help
The family needs Shs130m for whole procedure including accommodation and transport to save their daughter’s life.
Contributions can be sent to Nabasirye’s mother Sylvia Mbekaka on 0785933622 or 0753113878, her father Henry Kasirye Kaggwa on 0772464823 or deposited on account number 3201975659 Nabasirye Jackie, Centenary Bank, Entebbe Road