Reshape your workout with fusion fitness

Monday July 27 2020

If you have not exercised regularly in a while,

If you have not exercised regularly in a while, you may generally start exercising at a light to moderate level without seeing your doctor and gradually increase your activity. However, if you suffer from medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, consult your doctor before starting any exercise programme. 

By Joan Salmon

Exercise will bring a fresh yet beautiful twist to your life. Talk about better mental health since it is stress relieving, a burst of energy as all the muscle tightness is dealt with, and so much more. However, that is dependent on the type of exercise you pick, which is unfortunate because we would love to get a lot more from one type of exercise which is currently impossible. That is why fusion fitness is the way to go.

Brian Kasasa, a sports scientist, says fusion fitness is a combination of two or more activities in the quest to improve one’s fitness. Such combinations could include, jogging, boxing, squash, swimming, pilates and so on. He says this is advantageous in a number of ways.

Life into the workout
It should be noted that engaging in the same sequence of workout will create exercise boredom that could cause one to stop exercising. However, if there is a switch in activity in between the exercise breaks, this change triggers the excitement to keep going.

More is achieved
Many aspects of fitness can be achieved within record time due to a well-planned and well monitored workout routine. For example, depending on one’s workout combination, they can achieve strength, balance, cardio-vascular endurance and agility because as one combines the exercises, each exercise improves a specific aspect of fitness.
It saves time
Fitness fusion is a fast and effective way to work out, especially for people who do not have much time to exercise. This is because with the combinations comes quick and high intensity bouts of activity that hit record highs in the shortest time possible.

Many gyms are incorporating these routines as a way to give their clients more for their money and time. However, Emma Zikusoka, a fitness enthusiast, says that even when you cannot go to a gym, you can try some of the following at home.
Running and strength training
Kasasa says this can be done with a tread mill. “Run for up to three minutes then switch to squats or lunges. After a short break, repeat the run and break into push-ups,” he explains. Kasasa, however, emphasises that the number of repeats depends on one’s fitness level.

However, even without a treadmill or gym, you can do this in the comfort of your home. “Jog for a minute, increase intensity in the next before breaking into a sprint in the last minute. Then cut back on the pace to a walk before doing push-ups. You can repeat the sequence twice or thrice depending on your ability,” Zikusoka shares.
Pilates and boxing
If one is looking to improve posture, gain strength and stamina and cut weight, Kasasa says this could be what they need. “The fusion switches between boxing and pilates,” he explains. For better results, Zikusoka urges participants to use their whole body when punching rather than just their arms so that their punches are more powerful. “To achieve this, fully extend your arm, tighten your core and twist your hip with every swing,” he urges.
Dance and boxing
Zumba, salsa, tango, taebo, aerobics and a boxing session are ideal for anyone looking to lose weight. “The dances are between medium and fast tempo, which ensures that the whole body is engaged. When coupled with high intensive punches, the combination conditions one for fast weight loss results, better endurance and balance,” Kasasa shares.
Squash and swimming
For agility, endurance, strength and balance, one can never go wrong with this combination. “After 10 minutes of several squash serves and hits, jump into the swimming pool and swim for 30 seconds. Do the switch repeatedly for two to three cycles depending on your ability,” Kasasa shares.
Zikusoka urges anyone that has not embraced fusion fitness to do so because it gives you value for your time.