The gym instructor is not your doctor

Monday April 6 2020

Dress appropriately. Every workout calls for a

Dress appropriately. Every workout calls for a certain way of dressing, do not forget to pick appropriate shoes for the sake of your feet and joints. 

By Joan Salmon

We talk about the need to stay fit, schedule gym time and the like, but we have never taken time to know what our gym instructors expect of us or are thinking of those in their gym session. Elly Barangi, a fitness instructor shares his mind:

Follow my cue
It is not funny when I start a workout and some students do something else. While it may be okay if they did something close or were at the back hence did not see well, it is aggravating when they do something totally different yet they are at the front. So why did you come to class anyway?

It is not easy to keep you on track
It is one thing to be an instructor but it is another to be likable enough for you to sign up for my class and to keep you entertained so that you keep coming back even when you leave with a painful body. More to that, standing before you day-in, day-out is somewhat hard, so please, do not give me blank stares when I share a joke. I am only trying to lighten the mood.

Keep the phone away
You drove through the traffic jam, maybe even forfeited a nice movie to be here. So, why not leave the phone too for just an hour of exercising? If leaving your phone at home is hard, then leave it in your bag because texting or receiving phone calls continuously during the session is disrespectful.

I have been embarrassed too
I may seem embarrassment-free but just so you can drop your guard, I have had my share of embarrassment. So suck it up, when it happens and let us move on.

Results take time
I know that the main reason for your coming to the gym is to lose weight which takes consistency and dedication. But even after giving it your all, the scale may not drop immediately as you so desire. However, there is something to celebrate. Rather than sulk, give yourself a pat on the back, you are heading in the right direction.


Music is essential
Music sets the tone for our workout session. If I need you working hard, upbeat songs will do the trick. It does not matter how fired up you are, if I play wrong music choices, I am only wasting your time.

Even without a trainer, keep going
While I will help you keep on track and stay motivated, you can keep at your goal even without me.

Dress appropriately
Every workout calls for a certain way of dressing, but to cover the basics, women, wear something beneath your lacy tops and adding a sports bra on top of your normal bra will keep your bust well covered, sparing you any embarrassment.

Men, while you may appreciate shorts, add liner shorts to them to ensure all is well during jumps and squats. Do not forget to pick appropriate shoes for the sake of your feet and joints.

When you refuse to try
I appreciate that you may be new to a number of these workouts, but how do you expect to muster them if you do not try? Put your best foot forward because I cannot do it for you. I am only here to guide you and I can only do so much. The rest depends on your efforts.

I am not your doctor
You might be desperate to get in shape but be kind enough and stay at home if you are not feeling well. People have come to better their health so it will be mean of you to come and sneeze and cough throughout the class. On another note, if you faint due to exhaustion, the class will get disrupted.
Take time and heal.