A touch of elegance at Royal Palms Estate

Thursday February 4 2010

Royal Palms Estate

Royal Palms Estate has got an exquisite view and convenient means of transport. PHOTOS BY ISMAIL KEZAALA 

By Edwin Nuwagaba

The Spanish styled residential estate, which was established at Butabika Hill, north of Luzira, was designed to suit all social classes, writes Edwin Nuwagaba.

Somewhere, in the hills of Butabika, is the Royal Palms Estates, which is built in a modern Spanish style. Right from Butabika Hospital, to the gate of the estate is all tarmac, and the environment itself with cool breeze upon the place brings a feeling of relaxation. In fact, if you have no intention of coming here, there would be no way you would know that such an establishment exists.

The houses, which range from three, four and five bedrooms are built in four blocks, and between each of these blocks are neat roads surrounded by flowers and trees. Save for the residents driving through and the birds up in the trees, there is no other sound.

One of the most attractive things here is ample space that is not only created between the various blocks, but also within and outside the houses. And while each of the apartments has got a single parking space, the vastness of this area makes it possible for residents to park more than two vehicles at ago.

The estate has proved that Ugandans are people who love their space, because while the three bed-roomed houses, which are attached to each other are still available, all the five bed-roomed detached, the four bed-roomed semi-detatched and the three bed-roomed town houses have been bought. It is for this reason that the next phase of the estate has decided to concentrate on entirely detached houses. The first phase of the project, so far has seen to the accomplishment of 83 units.

Terrace house
The three bed-roomed house has got two floors upstairs. The master bedroom, which is at the last floor, has got a sort of v-shape for the ceiling which leans towards the large window and provides a good view of the entire estate and the surrounding areas. This house is composed of the lounge, dining, kitchen, a small courtyard and one car parking space.

Town houses
The making of these houses with the three bed-roomed houses is almost similar. The difference between them however, is that the town houses have got more space inside and are not as closely attached as the other three bed-roomed houses. This kind of house is laid out on three floors with the lounge, dining and an open plan kitchen on the ground floor. There are also two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, a master ensuite in the attic and one car packing space.

Semi-detached houses
Outside the four bed-roomed house is a fairly sized garden, as well as another one at the backyard. These types of houses share a single block with and they are detached from the rest of the other houses. It has three floors with a lounge, dining, kitchen and cloakroom on the ground floor. three bedrooms and two car parking spaces.

Detached houses
This house is laid out on two floors with the lounge, dining, kitchen, one bedroom and cloakroom are on the ground floor.Three bedrooms share a common bathroom while the masters’ room has its own bathroom.
The house stands alone and has quite a big backyard and a garden which sets it apart from the rest of the other houses. It has parking space of four cars. Prices for these houses range from Shs160m to Shs427m.

Social Amenities
The management of the Royal Palms Estate is planning to have a commercial centre with shopping places, restaurants, swimming pools, a health club, community centres, nursery school and offices. The estate will also have a leisure complex with recreational facilities and a modern mother and infant care hospital, which are undergoing construction.