Change your toilet cover

Wednesday May 15 2019

A damaged toilet seat cover is easy to remove,

A damaged toilet seat cover is easy to remove, just like that and it is easy to fix a new one.  

By Desire Mbabaali

A toilet has three major components which include the water storage system, the toilet seat and the seat cover. The toilet cover could be tilted, broken or loose and that could cause you harm. Changing your toilet seat cover is an easy thing to do because it does not need any equipment but your hands,” Willboard Onyango the head plumber at KCCA, explains.

The steps;
1. Look under the toilet seat to see where the plastic screws are found.
2. Detach the plastic screws with your hands on both sides
3. Turn the toilet seat cover upside down.
4. Pull the rods out of the toilet seat to detach your seat cover from the toilet seat and inspect them.
“They could be worn out or damaged. The plastic rod has a thread that attaches and tightens the screw. This part will give you way forward. If your plastic rods are intact then all you have to do put back the toilet seat cover in alignment and tight it. In case your rods are broken, you could either buy new rods or get a new toilet seat cover,” Onyango advises.

5. Align your rods to the holes in the toilet seat
6. Put the rods through the toilet seat and screw the plastic screws to tighten the seat cover into the toilet seat. He cautions, “Do not overly tighten the screws as it may cause harm to your toilet seat. Just tighten it enough to secure the toilet seat cover.”
Patrick Tamale, a KCCA Plumber, says fixing a toilet is one of the easiest plumbing ventures to undertake. “Because toilet seats get spoilt often, they are sold separately and almost anywhere. Just follow the instructions that come with the toilet seats when you buy a new one. With new developments every day comes new ways of changing a toilet seat cover. Even professional plumbers have to read up on the new things on the market. Be sure to align the plastic rods to the toilet holes and tighten the screws and you are good to go.”