Christmas décor from toilet paper cardboards

Wednesday December 11 2019

Complete the flower and add in a few more pieces around the central flower to make it bigger. Photo by Desire Mbabali

The festive days are upon us, and if you are into decorating for Christmas around your home, this one here is for you.

You can save a penny or two and make your own decorative flowers that will only be unique, but ones where your family can join in to create them, again, giving you something to do as a family this festive season.
Ever wondered what to do with those empty toilet paper roll cardboards? Here is how to simply put them to use.

Firstly, collect a number of empty toilet paper roll cardboards, enough to make as much décor you may need.
To get to work, bend the roll to create a flat shape from its original circular shape. This is to help you easily cut them, but also, to create a desirable shape as you work.

Next, get a ruler and using a pen, mark off points on the flattened roll on either side. I would recommend you mark off at least a centimetre, though it can be more or less, depending on how you want you design to look like. Do this for all the rolls you will be cutting.

Strong pair of scissors
When it comes to cutting, use a strong pair of scissors, and cut off at the marked points.

Using adhesive (paper glue), join the cut pieces at the top, to create a flower. Join them until the circle/ flower is complete. To create a bigger flower, you can add more cuttings all around the already made flower.


Though you can stop at this level and your flower decoration will be done, to add a festive mood to it, one can paint the flower using color spray of red or gold to match the Christmas mood.
Alternatively, you can add glitters by smearing glue all over the already made flower and sprinkle the glitters all over the flower. Leave to dry and your handiwork will be done.

Ways to create a new look in your front yard

Create a living space
One of your options is creating a living space in front of your house. The architect can help you with the designs depending on the space available. This living space at the front yard will help you have a spot to unwind as you take in fresh air.

When creating front yard living space demarcations, most people go for wood or aluminum because they both enhance beauty of the outdoor space.

Apply a collection of lighting
Get a collection of lighting for the front view, especially for the night. The combination of plants and lighting enhances beauty of your yard.
The lights can be hang separately on the poles or walls depending on the side and how you want the light be. You can opt for manual or sensor lights.

Outdoor seats
You can place seats in your outdoor, and even add cushions for more comfort. Make sure you protect your outdoor seat from rain and dust.

Compiled by Shabibah Nakirigya
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