Colour trends for 2020

Wednesday January 1 2020

Blush pink is one of the colours that are most

Blush pink is one of the colours that are most likely to trend this year. You can incorporate it through paint, furniture or accessories. net photos 

By Beatrice Nakibuuka

The easiest way to revamp your home is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Different colour shades trend in different years. However, besides paint, there are several home décor accessories that you can use to incorporate these colours into your home without spending much.

Blush pink
Blush pink is a new home décor colour that is likely to trend this year according to Irene Kajubi, an interior designer at Interior Expressions. However, it may be a bit challenging to decorate with such a colour since some people think of it as a feminine colour. For men, it is a bit provocative but they are catching up. Men have become bolder with colours that were originally dubbed for women.
She, however, says: “The light pink adds to a beautiful and warm atmosphere but be careful not to overdo it. Depending on how large or even the texture of the wall, you can decorate or paint with a pink blush but sparingly.”
You can use pillows, rugs to bring into your room a feel of comfort. You can also have blush walls and small frames in a room for your teenage girl or a baby girl. You can mix it with gray or have accessories like throw pillows, vases, bed covers, rugs or wall art.

Classic blue
Like the sky at dusk, classic blue is a simple, elegant but versatile colour predicted to pop up in home décor this year. It can be incorporated into your sitting room through large furniture like sofas.
Kajubi also recommends using the classic blue shade as an accent wall in the living and bedrooms. The space below or above the kitchen cabins are very good spaces to incorporate the classic blue shade. Throw pillows against a leather couch, vases, rugs, throw blankets can do the job very well.

Dark red
Kajubi says: “Dark red was very popular in the interior design scene in 2019 but it is likely to get into 2020 with different shades. The shade adds elegance and warmth to any room but it works better as an accent wall and can easily be combined with other colours to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home. Pillows, rugs can do a great job in incorporating the dark red shade into your interior décor.”

Burnt Orange
Doreen Arinaitwe, an interior designer at Orchard Interiors, says burnt Orange is likely to replace mustard, which trended in 2019. Since it is a bright colour, burnt orange should be used sparingly as accent walls to help brighten your home. However, there are people that are bold enough to have the entire room painted with this colour shade.
She says: “You can also use it for door frames or accessories like pillows that will create the boldness in your home. Use these in small doses and have a repeated pattern to draw attention. If you are using furniture to incorporate the burnt orange shade into your house, one piece is enough and ensure it is a focal point in the room.”

Hunter green
Green is a good bold colour and several shades of this green trend at a time.
Dark green trended for 2019 and many people would complement it with pillows, potted plants or blend the shade with pink or gold. It was believed to bring healing of the outside environment to give your room.
“Hunter green is likely to trend for 2020, says Arinaitwe. It is timeless, chic and said to be masculine but you can use it for an accent wall and a few accessories.
It is intrinsic in nature, brings respect, and blends beautifully with natural elements and neutral tones. It is versatile and can easily transition from walls, furniture and accessories.”

Despite trending in 2019, Arinaitwe predicts that charcoal is also likely to continue stealing the show in the new year because it is elegant and versatile and can be used in the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It can be used as a main colour and blends perfectly with other shades of grey which add visual interest and depth to your room.
Soft clay paint colours are great alternatives to pale brown as they will give any room a certain sunny zest and casual elegance. This colour palette can elevate a room and your mood. It trended in 2019 and painting companies and interior designers have named it for the colour of the year. This trend is not about to be pulled down. We are more likely to have clay again in 2020.
Kajubi remarks that it is important to note that trends should not be followed at the expense of your tastes and preferences. Many times the colours you choose will always say a lot about your personality. You can always look at your lifestyle before you choose any colour so that you are not disappointed.