Heating up outdoor space during the rainy season

Tuesday March 20 2018

Lighting a fire and layering pillows can help keep you warm outside. Stock photos.

Kampala is currently experiencing a rainy season accompanied with a lot of coldness.
Usually during this time, a lot of people prefer staying indoors as a way of keeping themselves warm.
But one cannot always stay indoors. There are those moments outdoors are inevitable. For instance, there are individuals who enjoy holding functions including get-togethers outside, rather than inside the house. Then, there are those who usually love the outside beautiful scenery for hosting other kinds of events such as birthdays, baby or bridal showers.
So, how does one bring heat while conducting any business in an outdoor living space?

Layer up with pillows
Homeowners having outdoor sofas and lounge garden furniture can heat things up this rainy season by throwing in pillows.
“These create a feeling of coziness as well as help to keep one warm,” says Sheila Mbakaine, an interior designer. In case one is having a function such as a family get-together, Mbakaine says they can opt to use scarfs, and small sizeable blankets for covering up while chatting away.

Make an open fireplace
The other way of keeping warm in outdoor space during this cold season is by making a fire. All one needs are a few pieces of dry wood, collect them together and use a matchbox to light them up.
“This is an ideal plan when hosting family members or friends over at one’s house,” says Mbakaine.
Once the firewood lights up, the host and guests can then sit around it and enjoy the moment.

Opt for floor rags
Those with outdoor spaces made of concrete floors may utilise area rags especially for veranda areas.
Daisy Atimango says she has a huge home veranda at her flat rental apartment. From time to time, she sits at the veranda and either has a drink or meal.
“These days, because of the cold, I love placing area rugs on the veranda floor where I will sit,” she says, adding, “The rug is a soft, warm barrier for my feet.” She never leaves the rugs on the verandah as at times, it rains during the night.

Invest in heat lamps
Another alternative is purchasing lamps as a way of creating more warmth for the outdoor space.
Belinda Kemigisa, says whenever it is cold, she likes to use lamps when hosting evening events at her home outdoor space. “They bring a little warmth which makes a little bit of difference to the surrounding,” she says.
Sometimes, Kemigisa uses candle lanterns in addition to the lamps.

Outdoor lighting don’ts
• One of the most common mistakes many homeowners make is placing the lighting fixtures in a straight line along the pathway. Not only is this somewhat boring, but it also tends to make the pathway look like an airport runway. Instead, get creative with the placement of the lights. For example, stagger the lights or place them in a position where they shine down on the pathway.
Source: northhouston.outdoorlights.com


Tips for choosing outdoor lighting

• Start with a plan:
The best way to convey your idea is to find photos of landscapes you like on design and gardening websites or in magazines. Bring them to our first meeting so your electrician can work with you to adapt your dream landscape into your real yard..
• Consider energy cost:
The greatest influence on your landscape lighting’s electrical usage is the type of bulb you choose. But just because one style of light bulb is cheaper to operate or longer-lasting doesn’t mean it’s the most economical option for you. A qualified electrician will use a formula to determine which type of lighting serves your needs for the most advantageous price.
Source: ableelec.com

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