How to get the right sofa for your home

Wednesday June 3 2020

The type of sofa you choose to go for depends

The type of sofa you choose to go for depends on the purpose of the seat. A love seat sofa can accommodate two people. 

By Promise Twinamukye

Sofas come in many shapes and sizes. The right one for you will depend on how much space you have, how many people you hope to accommodate, and what you basically want to use it for.
There are different types of sofas.
The standard sofa sits three to four people. Loveseat is intended for two people and the sectional sofa, which consists of two or more pieces arranged in an L- or U-shaped configuration. Sofa bed/daybed: A sofa bed transforms to lay out flat, offering a mattress-like surface to rest. A daybed is essentially a sofa with more depth intended for lounging comfortably stretched across its length.

This kind has three functions; it can be used for sitting (normally), arm rest in leather material, and body contact is of suede fabric.
Suede is a type of leather that is derived from any type of animal skin used in the production of normal leather, only this is done with the underside of animal skin, which is much softer than the outside.

It may not be as long lasting as normal leather but it if fluffy and gives a feeling of comfort and softness to the touch and also against skin.
The second function is that it can be used as a bed (one of the two-seater sofa) where you can retire when you are too tired to go to the bedroom, or have a guest, or watching a movie.
The sofa has sections beneath where one can store cushions, even baby toys. This prevents your sitting room from being overcrowded.
Espiranto sofas usually cost about Shs8m in showrooms around the city centre.

This kind has two types; manual recliner and electric recliner. The manual reclining sofa has an option of either a catch or a handle release at the side of the chair.
When this is done, the footrest elevates your legs to the position you feel most comfortable in, you are then able to further recline to a horizontal position. You may need to use your weight to reset the chair back to its original position.
This sofa costs Shs10.8m at Danube home showroom in Kampala. The suede fabric where the body meets the sofa and leather is imported from Malaysia.
The electric recliner does all the work with just a push of the button. The all leather electric recliner price is Shs17.3m.
Fabric sofa
This six-seater fabric sofa has a solid frame with blended fabric.
At the moment, it is common in beige and blue colour. It also has fibre legs and not so on the ground giving you space to clean under without moving it. It comes at Shs8m at Danube Home.

An all leather sofa set on Nsambya Road can be bought at Shs850, 000. The materials are shopped from Nakasero (Kiyembe lane). The fabric sofa of the same size can be got at Shs1m at the same place.
This sofa set can be got at Shs1.3m a set in fabric form and Shs1.1m in leather. The type of cloth used here determines the price. Since the cloth is way pricy than cloth.

Fabric sofas have ended up getting more pricy than leather. While cloth is long lasting, leather has maintenance issues in cased sharp objects are used against the surface. It may not be as flexible as cloth.
Second hand sofa sets
These sofa sets come from different countries but are all imported from countries such as Malaysia, Europe, and America.
After these sofas are imported, they are polished and put to the market, looking as good as new
A six seater leather sofa costs about Shs4.5m on Gaba Road. This, however, depends on the design, make and simplicity of the sofas. It is on this ground that six seater sofa sets range from between Shs4m and Shs6m.


A normal seven seater sofa set made out of fabric can be got at Shs5.5m and an L-sitter (7 sitter) can be accessible at Shs4.5m.
There are many more kinds of sofa sets along these lines and since sometimes seeing is believing, these places give you a starting point for your house hold items.
While some prices of sofa sets are determined by the price of the material used, other prices are determined by the cost of importation and taxes levied on the items.