Kitchen ideas to make your outdoor fine dining a reality

Wednesday July 15 2020

Outdoor wood fired pizza oven (left). Bamboo

Outdoor wood fired pizza oven (left). Bamboo outdoor kitchen (right). Photo/Texascustom/Pinimg 

By Joan Salmon

Preparing and enjoying a meal outdoors is such a beautiful way to enjoy the good weather. However, a few things may make this almost cumbersome. Apart from being convenient for outdoor dining, they have a dramatic way of sprucing your compound or backyard. That is why building an outdoor kitchen is such an alluring idea if you are to enjoy outdoor dining.

Nonetheless, when you choose to build one, Lawrence Simiyu, a contractor with a bias to construction and carpentry, says you need to use materials that can weather the elements well. “If a fully fledged outdoor kitchen is quite over the top, then a temporary space with cost friendly items could be a solution.”
Here are ideas you may want to consider.

Outdoor wood fired pizza oven
We have heard and enjoyed the ‘buy-one-get-one-free‘ pizza offers from several pizza selling places. However, we can now enjoy as much pizza as we desire without having to mind about the electricity costs or the house getting heated up with a wood fired pizza oven. “More to that, smoke will not be filling our houses as the outdoors will see to it that smoke is blown away to the atmosphere,” Simiyu shares.

Cozy patio outdoor kitchen
With an outdoor grill, roasts have never been better than when prepared and served outdoors. “Set on your patio or rather large veranda, add a family sized table to seat a couple of people and let the barbecue with several drinks flow in the comfort of the outdoors,” Jeff Kamau, a designer, shares.
He adds that it is also ideal if you are also thinking about convenience in regards to plumbing lines and electricity as it is near to the house.

Stone outdoor kitchen
While we are doing a lot cooking and eating, the place ought to look appealing as well. Kamau asks, what better way to do it than adding a touch of stone to the cooking surfaces? “The kitchen could also have a fireplace to warm the place on cold nights plus a grill for all our roasts. If the kitchen is directly looking into the neighbour’s compound, a privacy screen will give you the much needed privacy while adding to the beauty brought by the stones.”

Repurposed pallet
While people are making beds and seats out of pallet wood, Simiyu says we can also use it to make our outdoor kitchen. “Complete with drawers for storage and somewhere to fit our grill, we can enjoy the outdoors without a worry of how to get the supplies for a great evening outdoors meal.”
Rustic outdoor kitchen
If you are wondering how to make proper use of the shade those big trees in your compound bring, Kamau says then an outdoor kitchen is the answer. “With seating a little far from the pizza oven, and grill to stay out of smoke’s way, this arrangement will give you a natural rustic feel.”


Built in outdoor kitchen
You do not have to have to miss out on an outdoor kitchen because you have limited space. Simiyu says using your wall to support a few shelves to carry the supplies (wood, utensils, cutlery, and grill) is good enough for you to have an outdoor kitchen.

Rooftop outdoor kitchen
It is not just the horizontal space that can work for these kitchens. So how about thinking of vertical space? “Using your rooftop is another great way to bring the dining outside. Equip your rooftop with an oven, grill, seating space, sink and more to make eating even more interesting as people enjoy all the scenic views there are. Grilling will indeed not be an issue here with all the coolness the rooftop offers,” Kamau says.

Bamboo outdoor kitchen
While the wood or any other material such as stone will work to create cooking surfaces and storage space in this outdoor kitchen, Simiyu says you will need some shade just in case you choose to dine out to escape the heat indoors.
“That is where the bamboo comes in. Using several bamboo pieces, create a roof that will also let in some sunlight and allow air flow.”