Make the best of table runners in your home

Wednesday May 15 2019

A table runner maybe all you need to turn your

A table runner maybe all you need to turn your rustic or vintage table into an amazing piece in your dinning room. Shutter photo 

By Sarah Aanyu

Table runners are pieces of cloth designed to be at the centre of the table and can be used in the living room, dining room, bedrooms, at parties, and other places where there are tables. Usually, using them in a creative way leaves beauty in whichever area it is placed as long as they are not overly used.
Mary Namukose, an interior designer at Darfur Company, says table runners may seem to be easy things to be used but sometimes, some kind of expertise is needed, especially when it comes to the materials used.
She says people should use table runners in cases where they need to place materials on the centre of the table such as vases, baskets and other décor pieces mainly because sometimes those items destroy the table.
Namukose adds table runners can be used on tables at parties, dining tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, garden tables among others.

Choosing the material
Namukose says difficulty comes in when an individual wants to use two types of material. For instance, one that is covering the whole table and also a table runner.
“For this to come out perfectly, a person has to check the colour and texture of the material to make sure that the two blend very well,” advises Namukose.
She says the table runner materials available in the market include linen, lace, silk, cotton, while others go ahead to be more creative by having their table runners crocheted.
Meridah Nandudu, an interior designer at Dah interiors, says using same material on the same table may not do justice to the table except if the colours are well blended. However, if a person is good at colour blending, they should opt for different types of materials with different colours.

Theming the room
“Theming the room can also make it easier for one to use table runners because they will know which colour is required hence make sure that the table runners used are of the exact theme colour,” says Nandudu.
However, she adds that since they are usually small pieces, you can choose to go against the theme colour as long as the colour you have chosen blends with what is actually required.
When theming the room, it is important for an individual not to forget the paint used in the house as well as the furniture therein because this is actually what the room is composed of.

The type of wood used
Nandudu says the type of wood dictates the colour of the table runner to be used since they give the table the colour they possess.
But she says if you want to explore your creativity without being limited, then you can opt to cover the table with a table cloth and also use the table runner.

How to use them
“Most people are used to having them laid horizontally or vertically at the centre of the table but you can also use them in many different ways as long as you are willing to bring change into your house,” says Isabel Odida, an interior designer at Odida interiors.
Jacklyn Biira, an interior designer at Spaces by Jacklyn, says people should stop sticking to one idea of laying the table runners because you can also make changes depending on the shape of the table.
She further says you can have a table runner have the same colour as the throw pillows or even part of the chair covers.

How one can acquire them
Biira says table runners can be found in shops with home materials such as those in Kiyembe. One can find table runners already made or can decide to take their own material and measurements then have it designed for them.
Lucy Kakeeto, a tailor and dealer in home accessories at Kiyembe, says the price depends on the material used, size and length and it ranges from Shs20,000-Shs40,000.
Kakeeto also adds that the design dictates on how much one pays for the table runner, especially when it is just being tailored on your order and time frame.


Using African fabric
“This is now trending but expensive so they may cost quiet a sum, say Shs 50,000, more so if it is to custom-made,” says Kakeeto.
Biira says this is specific with the furniture because the colours may not blend. Therefore, you should make sure that it blends in so well that both the beauty of the table runner and that of the furniture is portrayed.
She highly discourages people from adding other accessories such as flower vases, baskets on top of such table runners because they are already beautiful on their own.

Seek for help from experts
Jacklyn Biira, an interior designer at Spaces by Jacky, says much as most people think they can do it on their own, table runners may have a challenge, especially if the house has a lot of details.
“Looking at details, we need to consider the curtains, colour of the walls, furniture and interior décor used because they play a big role in defining the look of the house,” says Biira.
She says when it comes to table runners selection, the cost will not be that much as having the whole house decorated. Therefore, people should take the initiative to get the experts involved in the whole process.
It also saves time and effort because when a design goes wrong, everything must be redone. More to that, at times, all the crafted fabric may not be reused as it were already tailored.