Can I opt out of PMS?

Friday January 24 2020

Caroline Mboijana

Caroline Mboijana 

By Caroline Mboijana

Performance appraisal, commonly known as PMS, is dreaded in my company because it is used by supervisors to show how powerful they can be. Even if you appealed the results, whoever will be asked to re-appraise you will give a biased appraisal because they do not want to differ from your supervisor’s stand. Can one opt not to do PMS even if it means not benefiting from increments that sometimes come with appraisals? Cotilda

Dear Cotilda,
Allow me to clarify the difference between PMS, which I have interpreted to mean Performance Management System (PMS), and Performance Appraisal. PMS is bigger and broader than Performance Appraisal, it defines the entire process of measuring performance and includes aspects such as recruitment, job analysis, goal setting, monitoring, coaching, training, career development and more.
Performance Appraisal is part of the performance management system and is one approach to assessing employee performance. How appraisals are managed, will have a bearing on how both staff and managers perceive them. It is not best practice to have employees “re-appraised” by someone other than their supervisor this practice will cause mistrust.

There should be an alternative mechanism to addressing reviews where parties do not agree. It is important to understand the purpose of appraisals, while one of the outcomes is a salary adjustment, if that is how it has been defined, the more important purpose is to provide an opportunity for you to discuss your success, areas of improvement and your personal development with your supervisor.

I would advise against opting out of the performance discussion. This is an opportunity for you to have dialogue with your supervisor and where issues concerning performance can be discussed, resolved and a way forward planned. Choosing to opt out of the process will raise questions on the merits of having you employed. The appraisal is one way of determining whether one has the ability to do their work.

Caroline Mboijana, Managing Director-The Leadership Team (U)