Social media errors that can ruin your job search

Friday May 24 2019

Grooming careers.  Social media platforms and

Grooming careers. Social media platforms and what one does there can either make or break their job search according to career experts. File photo 

By Sarah Aanyu

Social media has taken root in people’s lives and although it can be a potential market for good, services and career development, when wrongly used, the same platforms can ruin your career dreams.
Lotte Bosco Bogere, a procurement officer, says most people think what they post on social media is their business but he advises that it is good to use social media platforms for more productive things.
“Sometimes an interviewing panel can peruse your social media platform during an interview and the content they find there might ruin your chances of attaining the job,” says Bogere.

The photos
Kate Akello, a human resource officer, says most people hardly pay attention to the photos they post but some of them tell a lot about one’s personality.
She further says you may not even be in the photos but the reason for which you have posted the picture can be basis for criticism.
“The places where your photos are taken tell what kind of activities you engage in and what you are capable of and in case it is not the personality needed for the job you do not stand a chance,” says Akello.

“The name you use shows your level of maturity and trustworthiness. There is no way a person can risk giving a job to someone who is not even proud of their name,” says asserts.
This is similar to omitting your profile picture.
Just like Akello, Bogere says giving a job to someone with multiple identities may be a risk and using a pseudonym on social media is one of the traits of such people. That simple act will leave doubt in the minds of those who want to give you a job.

Publicising your private life
Deogracious Okou, a human resource officer at Educate, Uganda, says there is a level at which someone should be transparent to the public and excessive transparency may leave the employers questioning if you can really keep the company secrets.

Bedeviling ex-employer
He says such a habit is completely unethical because those are people who once employed and paid you so speaking ill of them shows how unappreciative you are regardless of your defence.