Are work safety, and the environment policy similar?

Friday December 6 2019


By Moses Ssesanga

I would like to know if the Workman’s Compensation and Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Programme are the same and how one can get the training and certification. Ruth

Dear Ruth,
Every workplace is required to ensure safety of all employees at the workplace. Therefore, all organisations in Uganda are required by law to take out insurance covers for their employees under the Workman’s Compensation Act.

It is critical for organisations to identify staff they want to train as Safety Officers and then invest in equipping them with knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent health and safety hazards, appropriately respond to emergencies and also in the use proper equipment & procedures to save lives and property.

On the other hand, Occupational safety and health programmes are focused on environmental safety in the workplace, thereby reducing risks to employees in any given workplace.

Occupational safety addresses potential safety hazards that can cause injury, whereas occupational health addresses potential health concerns. Occupational safety pertains more to the physical well-being of employees, while occupational health covers the employees’ overall well-being.

Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees from harm while in employment and to provide a comfortable, safe environment for them to work. In addition, organisation


Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda