Extreme sport!

Sunday January 26 2020



Last week was a very sad one, very close relatives lost a young man who had an unfortunate sky diving accident, his parachute didn’t open and he lost his life while fulfilling his dream.
He had just graduated from a university in Canada and was back home to start a carrier and maybe a family. Fate, it seems, had other plans for him. It’s interesting that his parents were not approving his skydiving attemp, but under pressure they gave him the permission, and this is why on the day of the tragic accident, and while the father was dropping him off at the aviation club, he thanked his father for helping him make his dream come true.
I know many friends who safely did skydiving, and know of others who still have it on their bucket list, here we have to recognize that this is considered an extreme sport, one that should not be taken too lightly. There are many elements that are considered high risk, especially if one is diving unaccompanied by a professional diver, rather in what they call a formation where a number of divers hold hand while floating before separating to open their parachutes and start their descend.
How willing are we to take on extreme sports? I was challenged a few times to bungee jumping, white water rafting and diving in a cage with sharks in attendance! Not willing to end up with broken bones, or trapped under a raft in fast rapids and may be staring at the jaws of a great white shark, I declined all challenges. The highest dose of sport adrenaline I got was through a parasail trip accompanied by my two brothers, it was very comforting having them around, all went well, however, the moment of return to the boat was not the easiest as there was a small battle with the wind. Once I was up there, and for the first time, I felt how joyful it was to fly, after dreaming of flying many times in my dreams, it was now a reality, the world below got a bit smaller, the wind stronger and the sea had a deeper colour, that birds eye view was amazing.
No sport is void from some sort of risk, even while walking or jogging one can trip and fall, fracture a bone or break a tooth, so I guess it’s a big dose of caution and the element of fate, and the latter can be quite tough!