Kiira road's female boda boda cyclist

Naume Awero,the exceptional woman in her work gear. Photo by Rachel Mabala.

What you need to know:

She is a woman who makes a living on the fast lane and provides all her family’s needs by riding a boda boda.

I am seated at the Kiira Road stage, as I wait for my host, Naume Awero, boda boda operator. I cannot seem to imagine her physique or dress code, because I have never seen a female boda boda rider. As I click away on my phone, a motorbike parks right in front of me. A young woman who looks to be in her mid-20s disembarks. She is wearing a two-piece grey trouser suit, with a grey shirt underneath. This is teamed up with a stylish blue pair of shoes that matches the scarf around her neck. This is no ordinary boda cyclist because she is so composed.


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