Rachael is my body guard- Ruth

Sunday November 10 2019

Rachael Nduhukire (L) is passionate about

Rachael Nduhukire (L) is passionate about acting, singing, playing the violin and she is an actress. Ruth Kamanzi (R) is a writer, musician, and an actress as well. Courtesy Photos 

By Phionah Nassanga


How do you describe Ruth Kamanzi?
Ruth is talkative, social and talented. She is outgoing and likes telling people her name and asks them to repeat it. She loves eating and taking people out to eateries.
She is a good listener and counsellor. She loves music and is always ready to go beyond her music boundaries.

What is your earliest memory of her?
Ruth loves eating. As a child whenever our mother gave as something to eat or drink, she would finish her cup of milk before me.
This always put me on tension to the extent of filling my mouth with food I would hardly swallow.

What is she most scared of?
Challenging authority because every time a security guard or police officer acts out of the question and my mother is trying to correcting them, she pleads that the officer is not challenged.

What nickname did you have for her?
I recently adopted the nickname Kamandidididi because we were once at a function and an elderly gentleman asked for her name and instead of saying her first name (Ruth) she said Kamanzi. The elderly gentleman said “Kamandidididi”.

What does she like the most about you?
My sense of humour. I am always cracking jokes or making witty remarks that amuse her and other people. I try to put a smile on her face.

What is the craziest thing she did as a child?
Ruth is still crazy. In her younger years, the craziest thing I recall her doing, was playing football in her white school socks.
On rainy days, she would remove her shoes and run around playing football in mud and after she would hide the socks in her bag.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
Definitely! One day, we were at Senana Supermarket and the queue was long yet we were hungry.
As Ruth began to put our stuff on the conveyor belt, a man showed up from nowhere and rolled his trolley in front of us. Out of anger, Ruth cried and walked away. Meanwhile I told him of how immature he had acted.


What is the craziest thing you did together?
We ran from my Godfather’s house back home during a strong dust storm. By the time we got home not even our mother would identify us.

What is her favourite outfit and why?
A blue vintage dress she loves, it has an old school sense of fashion. Every time she wears it reminds our grandmother of “their days”.

What does she love most and why?
She loves music and expresses her vocal agility each time she is singing. She loves the fact that music has variety and no restrictions.

How would you describe Rachael?
Rachael is hard and dark on the outside, but soft and mushy on the inside. Those that have known her for a while know the abundance of humour, childishness, love, sentimentalism, and softness that all weave together to form the beautiful person that she is.

What is your earliest memory of her?
For as long as I can remember, Rachael has always been a lover of fashion. While the rest of us were striving only to consume as much nyonyo (breast milk), she was always trying to make every cloth in the house wearable for her dolls.

What is she most scared of?
I reply with caution on this one because Rachael is legitimately one of the most fearless individuals I have come across. I am going to take a wild, educated guess on this.
She is probably most afraid of death of her loved ones. Everybody is afraid of something; that is how we know we care about things. If Rachael is afraid of anything, it would be something she has no control over.

What nickname did you have for her?
My nicknames for her have evolved from Macho-Woman (because of how tough she can be), to Uncle (because of the heuristic knowledge she acquires every time she is giving people advice).

What is the craziest thing she did as a child? our parents had a wedding to attend, and we had to stay at one of our neighbours’ homes. I did not realise that Rachael had hidden in the car boot. Meanwhile at the neighbours’ hell broke loose. We combed Kalinabiri village for the child, until my parents graciously remembered to call to inform us that they had found her in the car boot.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
Yes, we were standing at the school cafeteria waiting to be served and people were pushing each other. A boy that was three classes ahead hurled something at me. Rachael broke into a cry and a speech of how no one should every bully her older sister.
What is the craziest thing you did together?
We were laughing, nudging and tickling each other. Little did we know that our mother was close by and she became irritable.We punched each other and our mother intervened encouraging us, “fight!” I was ready to take the win. We fought, bit each other, pulled hair and cried. Our mother then, gave us manila papers where we were instructed to write ‘NO MORE FIGHTING’ and we marched around the house singing on top of our voices ‘no more fighting’.

What is her favourite outfit?
The school uniform. The nature with which she cares, caresses, irons and perfumes them is unlike anything I have ever seen.

What does she love most?
Knowledge. Any opportunity she gets to learn something new, she grabs it by the horns. Be it from the bible, novels, and news articles.

What does she like most about you?
Everything about me becauseI have her back and do not hold grudges.