Tricks to balance the rosary and work

Sunday October 6 2019



The rosary month is here in the Catholic Church. Given the different schedules, some people find it hard to stay on course. Wearing the rosary is not enough, reciting it is key. Different people talk about how they balance their busy schedule with reciting the rosary.

Praying in cells
Divine Nalubega, a nurse at Mengo Hospital, whose schedule is divided in shifts has her way around the rosary. She admits that reciting the rosary singly is hard, however, she belongs to St Thomas of Aquinas, Mulago, a church cell group. At 6pm, she joins her cell members and different homes take turns to host them.
“When we recite the rosary as a cell group, one person leads and the rest follow. This pattern continues up to the end of the month,” Nalubega says, adding,; “This helps us uphold the weak. However, in case I fail to meet with cell members, the best I can do is tune in to the rosary segment on radio at 7pm.”

Use rosary prayer CDS
Edward Cooper Kyamanywa, a lawyer at Kyamanywa and Co. Advocates, says sitting to recite the rosary at times becomes hard because of the nature of his work. To uphold his spirituality, Kyamanywa for the month of October, has opted to play the rosary CDs.
“I have a CD where the rosary is just sung with all the mysteries. As soon as I sit in my car I play the CD up to my destination,” he explains.
“This helps me meditate more on the mysteries being played. This is how I recite the rosary anytime, anywhere.” He emphasises that this must be out of self will.

Listen to Radio
Ritah Muguluma, a businesswoman on Nasser Road, says she never finds a break to recite the rosary. After a long day, she gets home exhausted and reciting the rosary at that time seems too long for her.
“At work, my trick is to tune in to radio on my phone radio. I do this concurrently as I attend to my clients. Listening to radio during the rosary segment helps me meditate and stay focused. I overcome the day’s stress,” she explains.
This gives Muguluma a feel of one in church praising and brings her closer to God despite her day’s hustle.

Mass and on the road
Ann Kyakuwaire, an internal auditor at a bank, says any free time she finds on a work day is prayer time. Not to miss out on reciting the rosary, she attends evening Holy Mass at Christ the King, Kampala. After Mass, Kyakuwaire stays behind to recite the rosary.
“In case I am in a hurry, I recite as I drive home. One may wonder how I manage to manoeuvre the beads and steering wheel. At the back of my mind I keep track of 10 beads and I use the finger ring rosary which is smaller than the other rosaries. In traffic jam, I meditate on the rosary,” the auditor says.

Morning and lunch time
Elija Kakande, a paediatrician, who wakes up at 5am, prepares himself and by 6am he recites the rosary before hitting the road at 7am. Meanwhile he tunes in to Radio Maria and listens to the recitation.
“In case I am not so busy during lunch time, I take off a few minutes to at least meditate upon one or two mysteries of the rosary,” Kakande says.

Why October?
According to, October is primarily due to the fact that the liturgical feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated annually on October 7. Reciting the rosary was instituted to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary in gratitude for the protection that she gives the Church in answer to the praying of the Rosary by the faithful.

The Rev Fr Joseph Luzindana, the youth chaplain of Kampala Archdiocese, says the rosary is a summary of the biblical events that happened in Jesus’ life.
“Recitation of the rosary helps one understand Mother Mary better and reflect upon the different aspects of Jesus’ life.” Fr Luzindana explains, adding that when you recite the rosary, you offer it with particular intention, depending on what you want. For example, it can be for the conversion of souls.


To Fr Luzindana the rosary is one of the powerful weapons that against satan and helps one resist temptations. He says when recited as a family, it creates stability and peace in homes.
Reciting the rosary is important because it settles our hearts and minds each it mediated upon. This prayer reaches deep down into our souls and puts us at ease thus creating a peace that is rare and beautiful,” he reveals.