Rosemary Nankabirwa passes on

KAMPALA. Former news anchor Rose Mary Nankabirwa has died at the age of 35, it has been confirmed.
Ms Nankabirwa was pronounced dead at the AghaKhan hospital in Nairobi, Kenya where she had been transferred for further treatment, her former employer NTV reported.
“Rosemary Nankabirwa has been pulled off life support. Her family has confirmed that she has passed on. May her soul rest in peace.”
There had been information earlier from different sources indicating she had passed on but NTV denied this and instead asked the country to pray for her
“Rosemary is in critical condition and we ask that you keep her in your prayers. We'll keep you posted about her state.”
NTV on Saturday spearheaded a fundraising drive to raise money for specialised treatment for Ms Nankabirwa, 35.
Sources at the television say, the initiatives including a car-washing exercise at the Kampala Serena Hotel, raised over Shs100 million, which was needed for specialised treatment.