Stop being cowards, Fr Gaetano tells youth

Monday January 14 2019

Fr Gaetano Batanyenda

Fr Gaetano Batanyenda 


Mbarara- The Parish priest for Kitanga Parish in Kabale District, Fr Gaetano Batanyenda, has rallied the youth to stop cowardice and rise up to take up the mantle to lead the country.

“There is succession at every stage and you have to accept it but unfortunately, the NRM government and President Museveni have refused to heed to this, so it’s a wake-up call to youth in the country that leaders want to keep you where you are, unemployed, miserable and not anywhere,” Fr Gaetano said during a press briefing in Mbarara District last Friday.

“Don’t just sit and spectate over a deliberate plan to keep you miserable,” he added.

His call comes at a time when Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, is championing the cause for a better country.
Police have on several occasions banned his music concerts across the country without clear reasons.

To Museveni
Fr Gaetano also warned Mr Museveni to stand prepared for severe consequences if he does not give way for the youth.

“After nine months of pregnancy, the baby must come out, that is succession, if the mother does not give birth and the baby is mature and feels is not in the right place and the mother has refused it to come out, the baby chooses to die with the mother,” Fr Gaetano said.

“If I and President Museveni were obstructed, would I be a priest, and would he be a President? There is succession at every stage and ignoring this comes with severe consequences,” he added.

The cleric accused fellow religious leaders of hypocrisy, saying they were compromising with those meting out injustices and suffering to Ugandans.

“It is very unfortunate that there is part of our own who have diverted from liberating souls out of injustices and preaching the true word of God to please political leaders. This is hypocrisy and I appeal to my colleagues that it has to stop and we fight for the good of our people,” Fr Gaetano said.

He also hit out at pastors opposed to Bobi Wine’s Tuliyambala Engule (We will wear the crown) song, saying they are misguided and only want to please and capture attention of “one big man in government.”