Alaso joins Otto, Tayebwa in rejecting FDC appointments

Friday February 14 2014

Alice Alaso

Alice Alaso 


Kampala- The Forum for Democratic Change was yesterday plunged deeper into a crisis after Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso declined an appointment as chairperson of the coveted Public Accounts Committee, adding to two MPs who have snubbed party offers.

On Wednesday, MPs Odonga Otto(Aruu County) and Oddo Tayebwa (Bushenyi Municipality) rejected appointments to the shadow Internal Affairs ministry and the Parliamentary Pension Fund respectively, dismissing them as “boardroom decisions lacking in consultation”.

And yesterday, Ms Alaso sent an e-mail to the FDC National Executive Committee, saying her “inability and lack of expertise in figures” effectively make her unsuitable to lead the House watchdog committee.

“I am not able to take up this [appointment] due to my inability and lack of expertise in figures. I am only a historian, social worker and policy analyst. If only I had been consulted, I would have informed NEC of my inadequacies earlier. I have no background in Accounts, Finance or Auditing. Please re-assign,” Ms Alaso, wrote in an email from the United States where she travelled on a Parliamentary trip.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Gen Muntu declined to comment on his next course of action, insisting he needed to first confer with his disenchanted secretary general.

Yesterday, Mr Otto, who immediately retreated to his northern Uganda-based Aruu constituency, ostensibly to consult his supporters about whether to switch allegiance from Gen Muntu, maintained he will “no longer participate in FDC activities”.


“I will seat back and fold my hands and watch from behind. No more activism, no more participation in FDC activities. You will see very little of me in FDC struggle,”Mr Otto said.
Rukiiga County MP Jack Sabiiti, a founder member of FDC, drew parallels between Gen Muntu’s leadership and that of Mr Museveni.
“He behaves like Preident Museveni. He appoints and demotes people without consulting. He behaves as if he is still in the army,” he said.