Archbishop Lwanga decries increasing cases of divorce

Sunday September 15 2019

The Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese Dr

The Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (c) on September 15, 2019 confirmed 400children and joined five couples into the holy matrimony at the 120th anniversary of Mitalamaria Parish in Mitalamaria Vicariate, Mpigi District. PHOTOS BY SADAT MBOGO 


Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese has decried the rising cases of divorce in Uganda citing lack of trust and fighting among married couples as the some of the causes.

"You should always love and support each other to the fullest. Love your spouse like you do to your life. You have to know the role of the sacrament of holy matrimony and ensure that whatever you do is based on Christian norms and values," he said.
Archbishop Lwanga was speaking at Mitalamaria Vicariate in Mpigi District on Sunday where thousands converged to commemorate the 120th Parish Day for Our Lady of Assumption, Mitalamaria Parish under a theme: "Family of God; Let Us Rejoice."

"Sometimes married couples fight but before beating up your friend, ask yourself whether it is allowed by our Creator. Stop making marriage vows when you're not ready. When you marry someone, put it in mind that there will be no divorce," he added.
He also cautioned Christians on same-sex relationships saying it is against the Church.

In his homily, Archbishop Lwanga challenged Christians to be on the lookout of the evil practices including same-sex relationships, domestic violence and instabilities, being pushed to the Church.
"Any sexual act which is not related to a couple joined under the sacrament of matrimony is sinful and I am reminding you that marriage is between a man and woman. A man leaves his parents' home to get a wife and become one, not a man to get a man or a woman to get a woman. A man goes into marriage with another man - for what?" He asked.
He also reminded the Christians how God chose to love them and that they should do the same to him through fulfilling all the 10commandments.

He added: "You should get married, build trust amongst yourselves, love and respect your spouse, educate your children and put discipline in them, promote your religion, work for peace and ensure that this peace is delivered to everyone in this country. If you get to know that you've annoyed someone, ask for forgiveness and life goes on smoothly. We don't want to see violation of peace here and there."
The Archbishop also confirmed over 400 children and joined five couples into a holy matrimony; prayed for them to achieve happiness in their relationships.