Who is Betty Aol Ochan, the new LoP?

Saturday August 4 2018

Betty Aol Ochan, the new Leader of Opposition

Betty Aol Ochan, the new Leader of Opposition in Parliament. Courtesy photo 

By Monitor Reporter


Ms Winne Kiiza was Friday dropped as Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP) in a reshuffle by Party President Patrick Amuriat.

Ms Aol Ochan, the Gulu Woman MP is now the LoP.

The LoP who is elected by the party with the greatest numerical strength in Parliament, appoints and heads an alternative Shadow Cabinet whose duty is to challenge and influence government legislation on the floor of Parliament.

But who is Ochan

She was born in 1958 and joined Parliament in 2006 on the FDC party ticket as MP for Gulu District.

Before that, she was the Local Councillor 5 for Gulu District between 1997-2006. Betty is a teacher by profession, having first attained a Diploma in Education from Makerere University in 1981.

She taught at Awere S.S 1985-1990 and Layibi College in Gulu between 1981-1985.

In 1995-1997 she worked at St. Mauritz Gulu as Program Officer.

She then joined ACORD-Gulu in 1990-1995