Covid-19: Two cases confirmed in Kitgum, Lamwo

Saturday June 6 2020

A medical worker gets a sample from  a man. AFP

A medical worker gets a sample from a man. AFP PHOTO 


Health authorities have confirmed two cases of Covid-19 in Kitgum and Lamwo districts.

The Kitgum District health officer, Dr Alex Olwedo, during the taskforce weekly meeting on Friday, said he had received information about the new cases from the Gulu regional surveillance officer.

However, members of the district taskforce were shocked after Mr Simon Okongo, the Kitgum surveillance officer, disclosed that the case had been discharged from Pandwong Health Centre III.

In Lamwo, the confirmed case is a female whose sample was taken while inquarantine at Padibe Health Centre IV.

The authorities revealed that the Kitgum case had returned from Mbale District about three months ago and immediately admitted to the quarantine centre.

Mr Okongo said the confirmed case was quarantined with six other people, most of whom had been discharged.


Although, the surveillance teams have complained about the delay to release results of samples from people under quarantine, the issue has not been addressed.

At least 62 samples from Kitgum have been taken for tests and only results for 51 people have been returned.

The Pandwong centre is an open place where several people quarantined have in the past have escaped.