Eight must-haves this rainy season

Monday December 16 2019
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A boda boda man rides through the flooded area at Namasuba on Entebbe road with a passenger on Saturday December 14, 2019. PHOTO BY DAVID LUBOWA

Several parts of Uganda are currently experiencing heavy rains, leading to floods and mudslides in some areas. The seasonal outlook for September to December on the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) website, shows an increased likelihood of near normal to above normal rainfall over most parts of Uganda.

Waking up to rain is enough to suck the motivation out of a person. But during these rainy rains, it pays to be ready for a downpour. Here are seven must-haves this rainy season


When buying an umbrella, choose one that is strong enough and big enough to keep you dry. If you use public transport to go about with your daily activities, it is important to buy a foldable one that can fit in your bag.

Jacket/ Raincoat

Unlike the umbrella which covers only the upper part of your body and perhaps leaves your lower part to get soaked, a raincoat will protect your clothes from getting wet. They come in different styles, from sporty to glamorous to sophisticated, it is all up to you.


Boots or plastic shoes

The right footwear will save you from the hustle of walking the streets and muddy roads in the rain. If you usually walk in flood-prone areas, get yourself a pair of rubber shoes

Neck scarf

Rainy seasons are cold, a scarf will keep you warm and smart

Hand sanitizer

With rain, comes lots of water-borne diseases, therefore you must wash your hands often to prevent yourself from catching those illnesses. If there is no washroom or water in sight, a bottle of hand sanitizer will save the day.

A pack of tissue

With rain, comes dirt and a big mess, and so, you will need to often clean yourself and your property.  

A big bag

Get yourself a bag that has enough room to carry all your belongings, so that you do not have to move about with too many things in your hands.

A hat

This keeps your face dry in case you do not have many of the items mentioned above