FDC supporters dispersed in Njeru

Monday February 24 2020

Dr Besigye reacts to cheers from party supports. Photo by Derick Kissa

Police in Njeru Municipality, Buikwe District on Monday fired tear gas to disperse Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporters, who were welcoming Dr Kizza Besigye.

Dr Besigye was in the area to launch a suggestion boxes programme in the area.

The suggestion boxes are intended to enable party supporters share ideas ahead of 2021 elections.

Police, with the help of Local Defence Unit personnel, surrounded Nile football pitch where the launch was meant to take place and no one was allowed to access it.

Ms Mary Agwang, a resident of UEB Quarters in Njeru and a councillor, said that she was surprised to see police in the area yet they had written to police.

"The police was even forcing me to remove the FDC T-shirt I was wearing," Ms Agwang said.


When Dr Besigye arrived at Mbikko, police fired tear gas to disperse supporters who had gathered to welcome him.

 Mr Jimmy Kanabi, the FDC party chairman in Buikwe District said that there meeting was legal since they notified police.

"Police have blocked our meeting but we are not ready to give up. We have the liberty to mobilise at any time. We are energised to fight the dictator," Mr Kanabi said.

Ms Resty Nanteza, the chairperson of Nyenga Division said it is police to blame for the chaos.

Ms Jane Francis Kagayi, the Buikwe Resident District Commissioner refused to speak to journalists.