Gen Elwelu accuses leaders in Karamoja of  lacking focus

Wednesday November 20 2019

Maj Gen Peter Elwelu

Maj Gen Peter Elwelu 

By Steven Ariong

Kotido- Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu, the commander of Land Forces has asked religious leaders in Karamoja region to spare at least three hours daily and pray for leaders in Karamoja because they are not focused.

Gen. Elwelu was on Monday chairing the Karamoja-Turkana security meeting held in Kotido District.

His call was prompted by the remarks by Kotido Municipality Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Abrahams Lokii that the meeting should have been attended by Karamoja leaders only without people from Kampala.

Mr Lokii questioned the agenda of the meeting which indicated that one district chairman was supposed to speak on behalf of other district chairmen in the region.

The agenda also specified that Mr Samson Lokeris, the Dodoth East MP, would address the meeting on behalf of Karamoja Parliamentary Group.

 Mr Lokii’s submission enraged Gen Elwelu who questioned the role of Karamoja region MPs to stop


conflicts between the Karimojong and the Turkana.

“You mean we shouldn’t attend this meeting because we are from Kampala? What do you think? Are you not from Kampala? I see bishops and sheikhs in this meeting. Please pray for these leaders because  they look confused,” Gen. Elwelu said.

Gen Elwelu said it was unfortunate for the leaders in Karamoja to behave as if they have never gone to school.

He later warned that the army would take tough measures against the Karimojong and the Turkana should they fail to stop cattle raiding.

The meeting was called by the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Mr John Byabagambi, following clashes between the Karimojong and Turkana pastoralists grazing in Karamoja region.

It was attended by Kenyan officials who promised to recover all animals that were stolen from Karamoja.

This is the second time Karamoja leaders are being blamed by people outside Karamoja for being unserious regarding the development of the region.

In September, Mr Nathan Nandala Mafabi almost exchanged blows with Mr Lokeris during campaigns for the Kaabong District Woman MP by-election.

Mr Mafabi allegedly accused MPs from MPs of spending most of the time in the cafeteria at Parliament dinning as other law makers legislate.