Stop using God’s property in blasphemous situations – Pastor Serwadda warns Bobi Wine

Monday January 07 2019

A photo montage of Bobi Wine and Pastor Joseph Serwadda. Courtesy photo

Singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine has recently come under fire by some Pentecostal pastors over his new song Tuliyambala Engule which has in a way become the anthem of the People Power movement.

The song that features other local musicians like Pastor Wilson Bugembe, King Saha, Irene Ntale, Nubian Lee, Ronald Mayinja, Dr Hilderman is derived from a Christian hymn.

In the song containing political innuendos, Bobi Wine talks of how they shall wear the victor’s crown when the struggle is finally over.

However, according to Pastor Joseph Serwadda of Victory Christain Church, the song will lead to Bobi Wine losing support
“Go and warn that Member of Parliament who is using the song. Tell him don’t use God’s property. Tell him to stop using God’s property in blasphemous situations like this one,” Pastor Serwadda has cautioned.

On December 31 at an annual Buganda kingdom end of year fete dubbed Enkuuka Y’omwaka, Bobi Wine launched the song. Since then, the song has become very popular among some segments of the public but angered some pastors especially Pastor Martin Sempa of Makerere Community Church who took on Bobi Wine on social media saying the singer has no right to mix politics with a religious song.
“For him he is talking about a political campaign where when he becomes president or leader then he himself he says he will give medicine. That is not then new Jerusalem. It is cheapening it. That is a fake new Jerusalem. Treatment of people is a fundamental human right,” Pastor Sempa said.

The pastors warned of dire repercussions if Bobi Wine doesn’t denounce the song.
“I am also going to write to the electoral commission. I want them to release a message to all politicians to cease and desist from the appropriation and misuse of religious songs for political purposes,” Pastor Sempa said.