Government tells stranded Ugandans to stay in UAE

Friday April 10 2020



Kampala- Government has advised stranded Ugandans in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to remain there until further guidance is provided.

Mr James Ebitu, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, yesterday said any plans to help the stranded Ugandans will be decided upon by Cabinet and Parliament.

“Every Ugandan is still advised to stay where they are just as it was done to the students in China…as of now, we advise them to stay there until further guidance from government is decided,” Mr Ebitu said.

He added: “We cannot commit that there is any arrangement now.” Mr Ebitu further said if a decision is made to bring back the stranded Ugandans, it has to be the responsibility of the registered recruitment companies.

“The formal legal pathway of people going to the Middle East is through registered companies. Note that those companies have an obligation of ensuring the safety of workers and if there is need to bring them (workers) back, it still remains their responsibly,” Mr Ebitu added.

A statement from the Ugandan Embassy in UAE indicates that Ugandan government and UAE are in consultations to find ways of assisting stranded Ugandans.


Association of Ugandans in UAE (AUU) also said those stranded in UAE have asked government to grant Fly Dubai a landing permit for them to return home.

Mr Yusuf Kimera, the general secretary of AUU, said those stranded were laid off from work while others had come to visit or look for jobs.

“Fly Dubai had conceded to repatriate Ugandans stranded in the UAE home provided that the Ugandan Embassy obtains a landing permit for them. Also the evacuees have to meet the ticket fare agreed upon,” Mr Kimera said. “We therefore request government to help our Ugandans through granting the landing permit for the airline,” Mr Kimera added.

According to AUU, all Ugandans seeking to return home are willing to go under mandatory institutional quarantine and precautionary measures.