LC Chairperson loses seat over chicken theft

Thursday October 17 2019



There was drama at Tumbafu central village, Padibe West Sub County in Lamwo district on Wednesday after the area LC1 was canned by angry locals and immediately thrown out of office for allegedly stealing a chicken and selling it.

The suspect Charles Okee, is alleged to have stolen the chicken from his wife who could not be readily identified by press time.

The wife was reportedly gifted with a hen last year by a friend which she decided to rear and it had since multiplied.

Mr Okee is alleged to have stolen one of the chicken and sold it to one Michael Odongo a resident in the same village at Shs15,000 on the eve of the Independence day.

LCI Vice Chairperson Bosco Owachgiu, said trouble for the accused Okee started when his wife reported the loss of one of her chicken to him.

He says Okee’s wife claims that she became suspicious of her husband after the chicken went missing for days thus reporting the matter to the vice chairperson.


Okee was subsequently summoned by the local council officials in regards to the allegation something he denied saying he did not know the whereabouts of his wife’s chicken.

This prompted the vice chairperson to call emergency village meeting of the all the communities and it is from the meeting that Mr Odongo came out voluntarily saying he bought the said chicken from Okee the eve of independence.
The community members who had gathered for the meeting mounted pressure on Mr Okee to respond and explained to them which chicken indeed he sold to the Mr Odongo.
Due the pressure mounted on him by the agitated locals who demanded to know which chicken he sold to Odongo, Okee admitted to have stolen the chicken from his wife.

The angry residents then demanded for his immediate removal from office and be replaced by his vice Omwony on top of the five strokes he was caned.