Leaders pray for end to corruption

Wednesday October 9 2019

Respect.  A woman kneels to greet President

Respect. A woman kneels to greet President Museveni and First Lady Janet after the National Prayer Breakfast meeting at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala yesterday. PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA  


The Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, has asked Ugandans who have amassed wealth through dubious ways to surrender it for public use.
“Those people who sleep on mattresses of cash, most of it ill gotten, most of which they cannot even use, those who believe in primitive wealth accumulation, release that wealth for the schools, hospitals, infrastructure and innovations,” Ms Kadaga said.
She said leaders at all levels must lead by example “but many have lost integrity”.
“In everything that you do, set an example by doing what is good. In your teaching, show integrity. I don’t know whether when we are teaching, we show our integrity,” she added.
Ms Kadaga was speaking during the National Prayer Breakfast meeting in Kampala.
Pastor Johnny Enlow, a US evangelist, challenged Ugandans to walk the talk in the fight against corruption.
Ms Cecilia Ogwal, the Dokolo District Woman MP, had set the tone of the function with a passionate prayer, challenging citizens to uphold the highest levels of morals and integrity.
“We are confessing that homosexuality is being practiced in this nation. Your own word says sodomy is an abomination. You said it in your holy book, but we are doing it with gladness. Lord, I say have mercy on us, we have defiled ourselves and we have defiled our nation,” she said.
Ms Betty Ochan Aol, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, said many Ugandans have continued to wallow in poverty because very few individuals have taken over the wealth of the nation.
She said Uganda is blessed with resources that must be shared equitably across all the regions in this country.
“Our prayer today is that you [God] increase our wisdom and you put in our hearts the spirit of love to love all the regions equitably. That when you put all these resources together and put in the kitchen to divide them, let us divide these resources equitably,” Ms Ochan said.

She said quality of education, access to health services and a number of other social services are still lacking yet few individuals have accumulated more than they need.
President Museveni, in his address, warned the leaders at all levels to desist from corruption, saying it deters progress of development. He said those who abuse the little authority given to them cannot be trusted with bigger responsibilities.
“This is where you are going to be in big trouble. People were just surviving, there was no money, but now we are beginning to have money, have contracts, have projects that’s where the trouble is now coming from,” he said.
“If you are not faithful with small things, how will you be trusted with big things?” he questioned
He said leaders must avoid temptations that will force them to engage in corruption.
“Do not be tempted to abuse the trust given by God through the people. Do not be corrupt, do not agree to take bribe or ask for bribes. I have never taken bribe or accepted to be bribed,” he said.
The President added that Ugandans have entrusted the current set of leaders with responsibilities, which they must carry diligently.
“So please don’t be tempted to abuse the little trust, don’t mock God, don’t attempt to be what you are not… man reaps what he sows,’ he warned.

About the meeting

Organiser. The Uganda National Prayer Breakfast is hosted by the Speaker of Parliament and organised by members of the Uganda Parliament Prayer Breakfast Fellowship.
Objective. It is a non-denominational gathering that brings together leaders from all branches of government, business communities, diplomatic corps, civil society and other national and international leaders.