Minister asks new head teachers to fight corruption

State minister for higher education John Chrysestom Muyingo has asked the newly appointed secondary school head teachers to spearhead the war against corruption in the schools they will be leading.
Mr Muyingo who was speaking at the start of a two day induction of newly appointed head teachers at Kitante hill secondary school, Kampala, challenged teachers to be honest and prudently manage resources at their disposal. Education ministry recently appointed 157 new secondary school head teachers and 594 deputy head teachers.
“If you fail to account for money at your disposal, you will be in trouble. You should promote interests of the government that you are serving and embrace kisanja hakuna mchezo as your slogan and try to understand it,” he said.
He also cautioned teachers against engaging in partisan politics, arguing that they should serve Museveni’s regime the legitimate government elected by Ugandans.
“There are people who say they have their own governments but you know there is one government under president Museveni," he noted.
Mr Muyingo tasked head teachers to acquaint themselves with information about government projects and programmes and earnestly contribute towards implementing them.
Failure to promote implementation of government programmes, Mr Muyingo said will be interpreted as deliberate move to fail government. To Head Teachers posted in hard to reach areas, Muyingo consoled, saying that when he was first appointed as a head teacher, he had to share a room with four other teachers.
“I don’t think you can imagine finding yourselves in such a situation,” he said.
Ministry of public service principal human resource officer Ms Rhita Kabugho told head teachers that they will sign performance agreements with district and municipal deputy chief administrative officers in January who represents government when signing these contracts.
She said the ministry introduced performance contracts in 2010 and later extended them to head teachers in 2014.