Museveni to focus on corrupt officials

Monday September 17 2012

Newly-decorated cadet officers at the Uganda Military Academy in Kabamba, Mubende District on Saturday.

Newly-decorated cadet officers at the Uganda Military Academy in Kabamba, Mubende District on Saturday. A total of 430 cadet officers were passed out at a function where President Museveni promised to turn focus on fighting corrupt politicians and civil servants, having finished fixing security and democracy concerns. PHOTO by ISAAC KASAMANI. 


President Museveni has warned that after fixing democracy and security, he is now ready to focus his attention on thieving politicians and civil servants who frustrate development.

Mr Museveni made the comments while passing out 430 cadet officers who underwent one year of training at Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba on Saturday.

“Uganda has undergone a lot of changes. We went through liberation struggles and there is now peace. Democracy is now entrenched, we are building the country and therefore, the situation is good. However, the problems of Uganda are two: politicians and civil servants,” Mr Museveni said.

“I want to use this function to appeal to them to repent because the kingdom of God is about to come and I cannot accept those who frustrate development because there is democracy.”

Although the President sounded upbeat about the state of democracy in Uganda, critics continue to say his government’s clamping down on legitimate opposition activity is hurting the country.

Corruption in public offices, similarly, remains at an all-time high with billions going unaccounted for or embezzled, according to government watchers and accounts from the Auditor General’s annual reports.

Mr Museveni said there is nothing impossible now since the country has resources to meet infrastructure development. He said areas that need further strengthening are processing of agricultural produce and service providers.

He also expressed gratitude to both local and international investors for supporting government in service provision and creation of employment.

“...We are very grateful to them because they produce goods and services. They also pay taxes and all this we are doing is because they pay taxes and that is why we are building infrastructure and paying civil servants.”

Soldiers from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, S. Sudan and Somalia also graduated at the function attended by different heads of foreign delegations of the respective countries.