President appoints artiste Bucha Man ghetto envoy

Monday October 28 2019

Pledge. President Museveni (in hat) with NRM youth from the ghetto near Kibuye roundabout in Kampala on Saturday afternoon. PHOTO BY PPU

President Museveni has appointed Mark Bugembe, aka Bucha Man, his special envoy to the ghetto in an effort to galvanise his support in Kampala slums.
The President made the announcement while meeting NRM youth from the ghetto who met him near Kibuye roundabout on Saturday afternoon
He also appointed musician Catherine Kusasira senior presidential adviser on Kampala. He promised to facilitate their offices to carry out mobilisation for NRM.
“I thank Kusasira for having gone out to weed the work of the NRM that I started in 1968. The garden of the ghetto is a garden of Ignatius Musaazi and it is the work of NRM,” Mr Museveni said, adding Butcherman is a ghetto president who listens to him.
Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, who has been branding himself as the ghetto president, has gained significant popularity among slum dwellers, giving the ruling NRM party a run for their money.
Addressing the youth near Queensway in Kibuye, the President said he first entered the ghetto in Katwe aged 23 and connected with the late Abbas Kibazo, the late Haruna Kibuye and the late Zubairi Bakari who were members of the Uganda National Congress (UNC) of Musaazi.
He referred to the late Kibazo as a leader of the abawejere (the poorest of the poor) in Katwe then.
Mr Museveni said when Idi Amin took power on January 25, 1971, the following day, the former withdrew money from a bank and crossed to Tanzania where he began a guerrilla war against the then president.
The President said he occasionally sneaked into Uganda and stayed in Kibuli at the home of the late Zubair Bakari who was then working with Hot Loaf bakery.
The President promised to recapitalise different Saccos to enable them borrow money and engage in income-generating activities. He also promised to buy chairs and tents for the youth and also meet herbalists and bodaboda riders as per their request.
However, People Power have dismissed the appointment of Ms Kusasira and Bucha Man as envoys who will deliver the ghetto vote to him.
The People Power spokesperson, Mr Joel Ssenyonyi, said for the last 33 years, Mr Museveni has impoverished the ghetto and cannot win it back.