Police arrests driver of truck that killed MP's daughter

Thursday June 23 2016

Entebbe DPC Patrick Ninsiima getting Mr Fred

Entebbe DPC Patrick Ninsiima getting Mr Fred Sekibengo's details. Photo by Paul Adude 

By Paul Adude


Mr Godfrey Ninsiima the Entebbe DPC while addressing the press at Entebbe police station during the parading of the driver said that Mr Fred Sekibengo, the driver of the truck would be charged with manslaughter.

"Following the accident which occurred on 21st [June] between an Isuzu truck and a motorcycle, the driver took off and we have been using our sources in police and they have been able to bring him to our police," he said.

He further said that Sekibengo was arrested from Bwerenga Kawuku in Katabi Sub County along Entebbe road where he resides.
"Charges preferred against him is man slaughter due to reckless driving and any time from now, we shall take him to court when investigations are complete," he said.

Ninsiima further stated that upon interrogation at police, the driver said that he had feared he would be lynched through mob justice which is why he ran away. However, during the press briefing, Sekibengo was not allowed to say anything.

Ninsiima also said that police will take more control measures along Entebbe road.

"As police we are going to increase our vigilance especially as traffic police, to check valid permits, and drivers who use drugs; we shall arrest them," he said.