LIVE: Seven convicted, five acquitted in the July 2010 bomb case

Thursday May 26 2016




All 7 convicted of terrorism found guilty of murder, the 5 acquitted of terrorism are acquitted of murder.

Judge Owiny-Dollo moves on from the terrorism charges to those of murder. Many accused are charged with joint offences on the same facts.

Judge Owiny-Dollo finds that those convicted of terrorism offences had "consensus in idem" or "a meeting of minds". Bombing a common purpose.

However, the eighth suspect, Mr Muzafar Luyima, was convicted over a separate and  lighter charge of being an accessory after a crime.

 4:02pm: Judge cannot find any link between Dr Ismail Kalule and bombing other than standing bail for a suspect. He is acquitted.

3:59pm: Abubakari Batematyo has been aquitted. He becomes the 4th suspect to be acquitted.

3:50: Constant washing of Suleiman Hajjir Nyamandondo's car could have tampered with evidence. Nyamandondo from Tanzania is found guilty of terrorism.

Suspect Ali Mohammed accused of being part of

Suspect Ali Mohammed accused of being part of plan to smuggle explosives from Kenya to Uganda.

3:39pm: Mohammed Ali Mohammed found guilty, convicted. he becomes the sixth convict.

3:27pm: Muhammed Suleiman Habib acquitted, Judge finds him not guilty.

3:15pm: Omar Awadh Omar second suspect to be acquitted. He sits down and shakes head in disbelief.

Omar Awadh Omar acquitted. Photo by Dominic

Omar Awadh Omar acquitted. Photo by Dominic Bukenya.

2:57pm: Hassan Haruna Luyima also brother to "master mind" Isa Ahmed Luyima found guilty of terrorism.

2:30pm: Judge is satisfied that Habib Suleiman Njoroge brother to Suleiman Mbuthia (who has been acquitted) deeply involved in the Kampala attacks, finds him guilty.

2:28pm: Yahya Suleiman Mbuthia not guilty. Prosecution failed to prove he was involved in attacks .

UPDATE: Hussein Hassan Agade, Idris 'Christopher' Magondu (Kenyans) found guilty of terrorism. They become second and third suspects to be convicted respectively..

BREAKING: Court finds Isa Ahmed Luyima guilty-Mastermind and central character in the July2010 attacks.

One of the suspects Isa Ahmed Luyima who was using an alias Moses has been found guilty of being the master mind and central character of the Kampala twin bombings. The Judge based on Luyima's confession statement shortly after the bombings, this was coupled with other corroborating evidence adduced in court by the two key prosecution witnesses. He becomes the first suspect to be convicted.
Suspect number two Mr Hussein Hassan Agade in the dock now.

Abubakari Batematyo acquitted. He becomes the

Abubakari Batematyo acquitted. He becomes the 4th suspect to be acquitted.

12:00pm: Prime suspect Isa Ahmed Luyima summoned to the dock

Issa Ahmed Luyima was one of those who went to Somalia to plan the attacks and helped in scouting for targets. Luyima is a Ugandan suspect. Prosecution and witnesses pinned him as the mastermind.

The evidence proves the attacks were planned in Somalia and the bombs were delivered through Kenya.

Justice Owiny says he is 'persuaded' by the 'overwhelming evidence' prosecution witnesses levelled against Luyima.

Suleman Nyamandondo from Tanzania found guilty.

Suleman Nyamandondo from Tanzania found guilty.

Call Data Records show a Kenyan number belonging to Luyima made calls to Somalian numbers at 1710hrs on July 10, 2010.

In June 2015, Luyima told court that an extra-judicial statement he made was extracted through torture. Before attacks, Luyima who was living in Mombasa at time of his arrest, travelled to Nairobi and sent money to Uganda.
Issa Luyima's neighbours in Namasuba knew him as 'Moses', he remitted money from Kenya under same alias. Owiny Dollo quotes more prosecution witness testimony on evidence that Luyima planned attacks using the name Moses.

July 2010 attacks alleged mastermind Luyima entered Uganda on May 9, 2010 through Malaba. Judge Owiny Dollo cites submission of a handwriting expert whose analysis places Luyima at a hotel in Uganda (Niagara Hotel constantly located along Entebbe Rd) on May 9, 2010. DNA evidence also places Luyima there.

Luyima underwent training with Al Shabaab in Somalia before returning to Uganda to plan. He came back to Uganda in January 2010 (6 months before attacks) to scout for possible targets. His coordination role involved finding Namasuba base for the attack, assigning roles to recruits

Muhammed Hamid Suleiman not guilty

Muhammed Hamid Suleiman not guilty

Charges to the suspects of the 2010 bombings include terrorism & 76 counts of murder

Attack was 'put together' from Somalia, bombs came through Kenya

Prosecution failed to prove that the suspects belong to Al Shabab terrorist organisation.

Alshabab was by 2010 not listed in Anti-terrorism Act as terrorism organisation- Owiny Dollo


10:46: Judge Owiny Dollo starts reading his verdict.

10:43am: Power has been restored, suspects now brought to the courtroom from the holding cells where they have been since 8am. The judge walks into a fully packed courtroom to read his verdict.

Power blackout at high court ahead of July 2010 bombings verdict

The high court has been hit with a power blackout just minutes before judge Alphonse Owiny Dollo walks in. Court will today deliver its verdict in a case that has taken the state six years with 82 witnesses testifying and costing Shs300m.

At around 8:00am, the bus carrying the thirteen (13) suspects drove in at break neck speed amidst tight security; the suspects were then led into the holding cells. Journalists were also screened thoroughly before being granted access to court. Entrance is restricted to court staff, lawyers to the different parties, and journalists.

All roads leading to the court and the places around remain closed, while most of the shops around the area remain closed.