Private universities should be exempted from taxes, says Prof Muyinda

Wednesday June 19 2019

Nkumba University vice chancellor Prof Mande

Nkumba University vice chancellor Prof Mande Muyinda addressing media during the launch of the university's jubilee celebrations on June 18, 2019. Photo by Eve Muganga  

By Eve Muganga

ENTEBBE. The government should exempt private universities and other institutions of higher learning from paying some taxes to enable them deliver their mandate better, renowned academician has said.
Prof. Mande Muyinda, the vice chancellor of Nkumba University, said that,” the money given to private universities from government isn’t enough to enable them deliver their mandate.’’
“The government gives us little money yet much of the work required to run the university is left to us. We also play a big role towards the government teaching its people,’’ said Prof. Mande during the launch of jubilee celebrations for the Entebbe based private university held on June 18, 2019.

He noted that the property tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) on supplies make construction and development works in universities very expensive.
"In case we are to set up any building at the university, it’s very expensive because of the taxes collected on the building materials. Therefore, this VAT on the supplies should be exempted from private universities,’’ he said.
The second deputy Katikkiro for Buganda kingdom, Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa said: “Running a private university is a big challenge because the resources become hard when you have no financial fathers and it’s difficult to run the university effectively.’’ He also appealed to the government, to support private universities saying “Education is a public good like infrastructure and all public goods are provided by the government. So private sector complements the government. I appeal to the government to support private universities because they do support the government greatly in provision of high quality human resource needed in the country.”

However, the retired Bishop George Ssenabulya who was the main celebrant appealed to universities to always emphasize discipline, time management and God fearing.
“For everyone to become successful, he or she must be God fearing because the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom which enables you to do right things at the right time and in the right place,’’ he said.