Senior officers convicted over stoning of Museveni's car

Tuesday February 12 2019

Social media declares Museveni car vandalisation bluff

A photo montage of President Museveni and the car that was reportedly vandalised. FILE/COURTESY PHOTOS 


The disciplinary court sitting at Arua Municipal hall yesterday found three senior police officers guilty of neglect of duty that led to the alleged stoning of President Museveni’s Convoy.
The six senior officers at the start of the hearing five days ago had not pleaded guilty to the offence.

But the chairperson of the disciplinary court, Commissioner of police Denis Odongpiny, said the evidence adduced in court found the three officers guilty.
Mr Odongpiny said the court found that the officers failed to protect the life of the President by failing to take precautionary measures to avert any violence due to insufficient intelligence gathered and failure to use the manpower and machinery to avert violence.

So far out of the six accused defaulters, three officers, former RPC West Nile, Mr Jonathan Musinguzi, former DPC, Mr Abbas Ssenyonjo and Mr Robert Junena, the former zonal field force unit officer, have been found guilty of the offence.
The senior officers were suspended following the August 13 Arua fracas that led to the eventual arrest and torture of many politicians in Arua Municipality.
The chairman of the disciplinary court, Mr Odongpiny, adjourned the sentencing to today.


Incident. It was heard that the grader used by the youths was allowed to block Ediofe Road that was used by the President without being impounded and eventually led to the stoning of the President. The officers were also faulted for not using more than 500 strong policemen who were deployed to manage security during and after the elections. The officers also failed to use the machinery of rubber bullets, teargas and water canons that were available to be used to quell any violence.