South Sudanese gunmen sneak into Uganda, abduct two in Moyo District

Thursday April 06 2017
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Tight secuirty. Some of the policemen and soldiers deployed to provide security along South Sudan-Uganda border in Moyo District. PHOTO BY SCOVIN ICETA

MOYO. Five gunmen from South Sudan on Wednesday sneaked into Moyo District and abducted two South Sudanese nationals.
Mr Joseph Abuni, one of the witnesses, said it is regrettable when such incident occurs in the communities along the border areas. “The men were only dressed in raincoats and they abducted two men who were drinking. Both of them were South Sudanese who had been living in Moyo Town. This has created fear among the residents because more abductions could happen,” he said.
The North West Nile region CIID officer, Mr Christopher Obia confirmed the incident, which happened at Afoji Market in Moyo Sub-county.

The area is being used as a reception centre for South Sudanese fleeing from renewed fighting in their country.
“The gunmen abducted two South Sudanese who were in a bar. They put the two at gunpoint and took them back to South Sudan. We suspect that there was someone within the community coordinating the whole process,” Mr Obia said.
It remained unclear whether the five armed men are part of a rebel group or from the South Sudan army.

Previous incident
In a separate incident, on Tuesday, gunmen from South Sudan sneaked into Belameling refugee settlement camp and killed Chaplin Wani, 79, who was a refugee in the camp.
The police and UPDF soldiers are now deployed at the border areas.
In 2013, the Inspector Generals of Police (IGPs), Gen Kale Kayihura, and Gen Pieng Kuol (former) signed a bilateral agreement in Arua on security where issues of joint patrol at the borders were discussed. But this seems to have hit a dead end.

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