Where is Aggrey Awori?

Monday September 01 2014
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At 75, Aggrey Siryoyi Awori, the former Samia Bugwe North Member of Parliament, is a true veteran after stepping down from elective politics.

Ahead of the 2001 general elections, he had taken the whole country for a ride with the claim that he would conduct his campaigns for president using a helicopter.

The former Olympic sprinter started out as youth winger in the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) in the 1960s before being appointed ambassador in Washington.

When Museveni seized power in 1985, he is reported to have joined a rebel movement, Force Obote Back Again, which used to operate mainly around his home town area of Busia and parts of Eastern Uganda. In 1992, he renounced rebellion and became Member of Parliament in 1996 where he was a strident critic of the NRM regime.

In 2007, he crossed from UPC to NRM straight, becoming the ICT Minister from where he retired after being trounced by FDC’s Kevin Taaka in the race to represent Samia Bugwe North.

Today, Awori spends most of his time in Busia cruising around in his two-seater Porsche Boxer. He is always heard telling friends that he has since discovered that there is life outside Parliament, an institution which he said is today like a bus crammed full with too many non-fare paying passengers.