Expose students, parents to e-learning

Thursday June 18 2020


By Michael Albert Mukungu

The exhilaration for e- learning comes with many challenges. Although the pillars of education have been left stranded in this wave, a clear manifestation has been exposed on our lack of readiness towards cushioning and handling situations.

One can now ask if tech in our institutions of learning is thieving in the past, present or future. Like it is said success never lowers itself to accommodate the lazy, this has manifested itself during the hard times of Covid-19.

Most schools and parents seem to be operating in a panic mode characterised by a lot of confusion about what the future will bring. It is not surprising for one not to wonder if our education curriculum today addresses the right aspects of life or it is covered with mediocrity.

In some primary and secondary schools like Galaxy International School, Seeta High School, Horizon International, Acorns, Light Academy Schools, Viva, Kampala Parents School, Gems, Gayaza High School, one would say they foresaw this, the reason they trained their staff ahead of time. This has given confidence for learning to take place outside the school environment.

However, as we understand the need to harness e-learning, it is important for us to consider the following: Training of teachers, parents and the learners is very important as it creates a conducive learning process.

In this aspect, although teaching using technology has its challenges, one has to captivate the learners’ interest in line with realising the main goal of studying. At the helm of all these preparations, proper timetables should be designed to allow a clear follow up of lessons and this calls for immediate response among all the parties involved.


Short lessons and considerable times should be key in drawing timetables because in the health perspective, it is not right for learners, especially those of early years, to spend a lot of time on these gadgets. The cost involved in rolling out e-learning should be made clear to the parents by education providers.

Parental involvement and positive motivation are paramount as some learners often feel challenged before their parents for fear of making mistakes.

Skepticism at this moment should not be welcomed as we are cognisant of what is going on. We are called upon to understand that opportunity grows with necessity thus the world is zeroing on how smart and faster one is.

Positive change should be a must with the belief that this is a skill attained and developed. It is said crisis is the greatest hero’s hour. Therefore, embracing proper practices of e-learning in our institutions will lead us to the promised land.