What Trump missed in Floyd’s killing

Friday June 12 2020

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump 

By Giregon Olupot

When a mob presented Jesus with a woman who had been caught in adultery, He understood that this was meant to trap Him. Jesus instructed whoever among the mob who had not sinned to throw the first stone at the woman. The mob disappeared one-by-one until Jesus was left alone with the woman. This is the wisdom that US President Donald Trump failed to invoke to escape one of the traps to murder him politically.

From the inception of the ‘American Dream’, Prof Godfrey Hodgson argues in his book, The Myth of American Exceptionalism ,that it was all about establishment of an empire away from Europe; not the false promise of liberation from the King, the Emperor, the Church and the Pope.

One of the rare individuals to storm the Oval House by surprise in the history of American Revolution was John Frederick Kennedy. The gruesome manner in which monarchists assassinated him is as resentful, cruel and ugly as the recent killing of Floyd. Then came Trump with his German roots (President Barak Obama was linked to the Monarchy through his mother’s blood).

There are many ugly top secrets that have leaked to the public about the dirty, ugly and nasty dealings in this monarchy since 2008 that the world would never have known without these ‘intruder presidents’. It was in 2008 that Nelson Mandela’s name was struck off America’s list of the world’s most wanted terrorists! Through WiKiLeaks, Australia’s Jullian Assange exposed spy networks and dangerous technologies, including GMOs brutally imposed on sovereign states to poison the food chain.

If there is any development that has emboldened efforts of the monarchists, Democrat or Republican to purge this intruder Trump from the White House, it is the handling of secrets about global pandemics that have been one of the empire’s most secretive operations for more than a century.

As insiders were gearing to cash-in on Covid-19 vaccines, Trump was prescribing solutions, including hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). This HCQ has been in use for more than 65 years and was found very effective against Covid-19. Suddenly, the drug has been outlawed in some states in the US for flimsy excuses and has been withdrawn from the market to shape the narrative towards Bill Gates’ GMO vaccines!


Trump, out of his ignorance about the workings of the Empire also threatened to hold China liable for the deaths and economic damage caused by Covid-19. He did not know that if China manipulated Covid-19 in Wuhan Laboratory of Viral and Infectious Diseases, it was not only with the full knowledge of insiders in Washington, but that laboratories in the US collaborated with Wuhan Lab and significantly funded laboratory engineering of Covid-19! The only way to stop any further embarrassments from Trump remains to topple him from the White House.

Giregon Olupot,
Makerere University