Sembabule: A district with no ethnicity

Monday December 2 2013

A sign post in Sembabule Town

A sign post in Sembabule Town indicating the way to Bigo bya mugenyi Cultural Site. Photo by Issa Aliga.  

By Issa Aliga

Sembabule- Sembabule is predominantly occupied by Baganda, Banyankole, Bakiga and Banyarwanda. There is an ethnic community called the Bamoori that claims links with the ancient Chwezi Kingdom whose headquarters are said to be at Bigo bya mugenyi, in present day Ntuusi Sub-county and is now a cultural historical site. TheBamoori have formed Bamoori Cultural Trust (BACUT). They, together with all other ethnic communities, live peacefully with one another and give respect to Buganda Kingdom. The speaker of the Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament), Mr Higiro Ssemajege, comes from Sembabule.


Sembabule District is located in the central region along the Equator and was once part of Masaka until 1997 when it became an independent district. The district is strategically bordered by Mubende in the north, Gomba in the north-west,
Bukomansimbi in the south-east, Lwengo in the south, Lyantonde in the south-west and Kiruhura District in the north-east. It has six sub-counties of Mateete, Lwebitakuli, Mijwala, Lugusulu, Ntuusi, Lwemiyaga and Sembabule Town Council.


The population of the district as per the last census of 2002 was estimated at 223,900 settled on 2,319.2 square kilometers. The district headquarters are 62km from Masaka Town on Villa-Bukomansimbi-Sembabule Road.


The main tourist attraction is Bigobyamugenyi which, it is said will be soon given a boost by UNESCO.


The district’s main source of income is crop agriculture and livestock production. Crop production contributes about 42 per cent and livestock 58 per cent of the gross household incomes. The main crops include coffee, banana, maize, and beans. They are also cattle keepers and cattle ranches found mainly in Lugusuulu, Ntuusi and Rwemiyaga sub-counties.

In recent years, the district took to pineapple production. The district receives low rainfall and has long dry spells. This greatly affects agriculture, but as people venture into rainwater harvesting and constructing water dams, this problem is nearly overcome.

Trade and Industry

The people trade in dairy products and crops such as beans, maize, coffee and livestock. Markets in Sembabule trade mainly in cattle, goats, sheep, dairy and agricultural products.

Primary schools

The district has a total of 171 primary schools with 129 government aided, 25 private and 17 community schools. For secondary schools, the district has over 19 schools, five are government, 10 private and two community schools.


There are 10 dispensaries (Health Centre IIs), three health centre IIIs, two health centre IVs and three private hospitals. Major health problems are referred to hospitals in Masaka.

The people who move and shake Sembabule

Sam Kuteesa is a lawyer and a generous politician. His efforts towards development in the district has given the NRM an edge over the opposition. He is the NRM district chairman and MP for Mawogola County where many residents take him as a role model. He has a hand in the implemetation of almost all projects in the district.

Kitayimbwa Mumilansanafu is an opinion leader in Ssembabule.

Willy Bbaale is the districtcforestry officer

Gen David Sejjusa is the former coordinator of intelligence services and former army MP. Popular for his role in resettling people, especially Bahima who did not have land.

Dr Juma Nyende is the Chief Administrative Officer.

Hanifa Kawooya is Woman MP for Sembabule District.

Ssekikubo Theodore. is the Lwemiyaga county MP. He has fought business tycoons from grabbing people’s land in his constituency.

Dr Elly Muhumuza is the district chairman, and NRM secretary general for Sembabule.

Emmanuel Tumusiime is the Town Clerk of Sembabule Town Council

Ernest Lutakahwire is the oldest man with 113 years and an NRA war veteran.

Dr Angello Sssali is the district veterinary officer

Emmanuel Kamihingo is the LC3 Chairman of Ntuusi subcounty

Chris Ssembagare is the district drug inspector.

Jimmy Ssekabiito is the news correspondent for CBS in Sembabule

Mr Joseph Kayondo is an accountant in charge of Lugusulu subcounty

Swaib Bagyendanwa is the assistant Chief Administrative Officer.

Mayanja Valley is the District Intenal Auditor

Stella Kalungi is the District Community Development Officer

Robert Walugembe is the DPC for Sembabule

Ramadan Sseruyange is the acting district planner.

Paul Ssembeguya a prominent livestock farmer in Sembabule.

Josephine Nagawa is the District Officer in-charge of Salary

Joy Kabatsi is a former State House legal officer and former contestant for Woman MP’s seat.

Juliet Nukwaya is the senior assitatant accountant.

Godfrey Bitakalamire is the cordinator of SEDFA

Brig Phinehas Katirima is an army MP and is well-known for promoting education in the district.

Simon Byarugaba is the acting NAADS coordinator.

Fred Karakure is the LC3 Chairman of Lugusulu subcounty

Gerald Kawooya is a business man

Dr Angello Sssali is the district veterinary officer