Be yourself, love will find you

Sunday April 23 2017
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You just have to be who you are, someone who loves you the way you are will show up

She changed her look because she was told her style could not attract any man’s eye. She also followed all the internet tips on “how to find love” but none seemed to yield any results. Grace was so determined that she went on a number of frustrating blind dates which almost killed her dream but she persisted more and signed up for dating sites. Quite a number of potentials showed up and she thought that it was harvest time; loneliness was no more and her inbox was busier than ever. Did this hit the rock too? Yes.
“Is something wrong with me?” She asked her friends and some advised her to lay down her pride and be less guarded. She listened and went against her own principles. When she did, boys flocked in but all they wanted was just one night with her and no one showed signs of commitment. This bruised her heart and she felt used. She took a break from ‘love’ to nurse her wounds.
The loneliness did not allow her to rest for long, it bounced her back to the ‘searching’ world and when she did, she thought and prayed that luck leads her to the right one. She was careful to do everything right but this was taking longer than expected. She got frustrated decided to lay down her tools.
She stopped crushing on hot men and put no effort in impressing. Just when she decided to let fate take its course, Mr Right surprisingly came running into her arms. It was not the rosy Cinderella Story but in the end it was worth it.
Daniel accidentally hit Grace’s car as they both rushed to work. He blamed Grace instead and they had a heated argument. When the traffic officer asked the eye witnesses, Daniel was found to be at fault. He was ordered to sort issues with Grace or his car would be towed to the Police station. Grace was already mad at him but he offered to take her car to his mechanic.
They exchanged contacts and through numerous messages, their chat drifted from harsh words of, “bring my car before I sue you…” to “how are you, would you want a ride back home since it is raining?” One thing led to another and last weekend, the two tied the knot. But as Grace gave her speech which was in a form of a poem, I realised that sometimes we spend a lot of time and emotions chasing after the wind in sunny season.
We do not find love, love finds us and no matter what we say to convince ourselves that we are in control, it’s not the fact. If love was for sale, most people would be rotting in loneliness and others would be kissing their wedding rings every night but love comes to who it wants and when it wants. Love is not impressed by beauty and neither is it bribed by character so stop fussing about finding love and wait patiently.