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Love born from a University dining hall

Wednesday November 7 2018

Mr Timothy Alfred Wandabwa and Ms Aidah

Mr Timothy Alfred Wandabwa and Ms Aidah Nyamwiza. Courtesy photo 

By My wedding

Mr Timothy Alfred Wandabwa, a sound technician at Uganda Christian University, Mukono met Ms Aidah Nyamwiza, a banking officer in 2011. Timothy first ran into Aidah one morning at the Uganda Christian University dining hall where they had gone for breakfast. They started talking that day. Incidentally, the two were both computing students and members of the chapel choir.

Towards the end of that semester, Timothy decided to waste no further time, he secured her number and their communication was set even during the holidays.

Lucky for Timothy, he was a head of Aidah by a semester, so she would come to him for consultations. This drew them closer. Around May 2012, they grew fond of each other and Aidah even chose Timothy as her prayer partner after choir rehearsals.

But Timothy had greater intentions for this prayerful girl and verily, in November 2012, after a worship night he revealed his secret. Aida accepted him two days later, cautioning him never to break her heart.