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Where are former Miss Uganda beauty queens now?

Tuesday September 20 2011

Where are former Miss Uganda beauty queens now?

Heyzme Nansubuga, Miss Uganda 2010/2011 

By Sharon Omurungi

Praise Asiimwe (2005/2007)
Her promise then: To clean up Kampala city and improve reading culture in schools.
Was it fulfilled? No

Why? “Because management then was crappy! Every project idea brought up was linked to politics or they claimed they had no money to fund it.”

Current job: “I am the founder of Tasa Confectionaries, Makerere. I work as Public Relations officer for A Plus Management Ltd, an architectural company.”

Monica Kasyate (2007/2008)
Her promise then: To look out for the street kids and orphaned children.
Was it fulfilled? Yes

How? “I worked with United Nations Fund Population Activities (UNFPA) doing a campaign promoting girl child education and child and adult health and sanitation. I also worked with Uganda Telecom in Gulu with children affected by war. I have also provided educational accessories like books and pens to a group of orphaned children.”

Current job: “ I am the founder of Ipigogo House of Fashion. I design bridal entourage accessories and customised outfits. I also train models. I am yet to open an NGO, Nursing Mothers Empowerment Africa.”

Dora Mwima (2008/2009)
Her promise then: To do whatever small thing she can in her capacity as far as charity is concerned
Was it fulfilled: Yes

How? “I founded the Dora Mwima Foundation where I first ran a campaign for incubators that helped premature or and new born babies who needed special attention. Currently, it focuses on new born babies and orphans. I have created a group called Babymama where mothers discuss issues that bother them and try to find solutions.”
Current job: “I am the executive secretary and face of Darling Hair Extensions.”

Maria Namiiro (2009/2010)
Her promise then: To do the best to represent Uganda in a good light and keep on flying the flag high wherever she goes.
Was it fulfilled? Yes

How? “I took part in Miss World 2009 in South Africa where I met Jacob Zuma and knelt down for him to show our culture. I am representing Uganda in an international pageant, called Miss Princess, in the Czech Republic that’s taking place this month. I donated 250,000 texts books to 20 schools in 10 districts in 2010. I also built a community centre in Lira for the orphan children under Latitude Care Network.”

Current job: “I work with Ganda Foundation to establish clinics and health units for displaced people, including health education programmes for improving the living conditions of orphans and other disadvantaged children in rural and urban communities. I also work with (LCN) which supports the most vulnerable disadvantaged and marginalised people.”

Heyzme Nansubuga (2010/2011)
Her promise then: To represent Uganda in any way positive.
Was it fulfilled? Yes
How? “I have done a few projects like taking Christmas to the streets. I had a partnership where I was working with the Daughters of Charity under Children of Uganda, an organisation that provides education, food, clothing and shelter to Aids orphaned children.

Current job: “I am waiting to resume my BBA course after asking for a dead year at University of International Communication and Technology (UICT), next year.”