MTN Uganda named official telecommunications partner during the 19th NAM summit.

What you need to know:

•    As the Official Telecommunication Partner, MTN in partnership with the Ministry of ICT and working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are providing the best-in-class Network connectivity for the summits and visiting delegations. 
•    MTN is providing superfast 5G internet and enhancing connectivity at Speke Convention Centre where the summits will be held plus other locations and hotels hosting delegations and the additional auxiliary activities. 
•    MTN has provided 500 SIM cards with inbuilt Data and Voice benefits for the delegates to use on Uganda’s fastest and biggest 5G network.
•    MTN has also set up strategic service points and the Airport and the Convention Centre to provide a great service experience for these delegates.
•    Working with the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and by Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) and the National Organizing Committee, MTN has made the effort to promote Uganda as the “Home of opportunities” at the NAM and G77 + China Third South summits as the world turns its attention to Uganda the host.

With Uganda poised to host the highly anticipated 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77 + China Third South Summits , MTN Uganda has been designated as official telecommunications operator, an acknowledgment of its multifaceted contributions to the planning and execution of the summits. MTN Uganda has since November 2023 been diligently collaborating with the Government of Uganda to provide essential support for the success of these significant events. In recognition of this dedicated collaboration, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT, Dr Amina Zawedde, today communicated the Government of Uganda’s appreciation to MTN Uganda as a reliable partner, the basis of which it has been appointed as the official telecommunication partner for the summits.
Scheduled to take place at the Speke Resort Convention Centre in Munyonyo, these significant gatherings are set to bring together global leaders and stakeholders from the 15th to 20th January 2024 and 21st to 23rd January 2024, for the NAM and G77 + China Third South Summits, respectively.

MTN’s collaboration with the Government of Uganda as the official telecommunications partner, also encompasses provision of strategic advisory and technical advice for branding the two summits. The NAM/G77 + China branding commencing at Entebbe International Airport, through all the routes, and venues the delegates will use ,has been spearheaded by MTN. The objective of the branding campaign is to position Uganda as a choice destination for trade and investment, enhance awareness of these important meetings and drive a sense of pride among Ugandans, for hosting such huge international gatherings in our country.

This collaboration positions MTN at the forefront, not just as a telecommunication giant but also a dedicated advocate for the prosperity and success of Uganda in all aspects. Recognizing the financial contribution worth USD 100,000 towards the co-branding collaboration, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vincent Bagiire stated that “MTN has told Uganda’s story so eloquently over the past 25years. We are pleased to borrow from the expertise and excellence associated with the MTN brand; an able and reliable partner in this journey thus far.” 

The company has leveraged its marketing and branding prowess to showcase the remarkable treasures of Uganda, accentuating its natural beauty, rich tourism, and the nation's unique endowments. The Uganda Tourism Board expressed appreciation for the massive branding campaign, showcasing the country’s nascent investment potential as the home of business opportunities, unique beauty, and fascinating cultures. 

"The participation of MTN in crafting the branding of the NAM/G77 + China Summit demonstrates that MTN truly has at its heart the progress of Uganda," said Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Charles Mbire. "Undeniably, MTN is more than just a service provider; we are a partner woven into the fabric of Uganda's growth and development” he added.

MTN's involvement in Uganda goes beyond conventional business contributions, emphasizing its role as a responsible corporate citizen. Through strategic collaboration with government initiatives, MTN aims to contribute not only through taxes but by also providing its mandated licensed services and actively participating in initiatives that uplift the community. In September 2023, MTN Uganda facilitated the Uganda - South Africa Trade and Investment Summit which saw 40 South African companies attend and express interest in investing in Uganda. 

Related to its core ICT business, as the pioneer of 5G technology in Uganda, MTN has partnered with the Government of Uganda to ensure seamless communication and connectivity for all participants at the main and all auxiliary venues of the summits, including hotels of visiting delegations. In addition, working with Government of Uganda agencies such as NITA U, MTN Uganda has enhanced its technological infrastructure at all venues to ensure full time connectivity at both the primary Summit venue and the Media Centre at Hotel Africana. 

Working in collaboration with the Uganda Communications Commission, and Ministry of ICT, MTN has provided 500 “Tourist” SIM cards with free voice (120 minutes) and a superfast data (5G) combo to ensure that delegates enjoy Uganda’s widest voice and data service, supported by a second to none customer experience. The Tourist SIM was pioneered by MTN during the 2nd Uganda - South Africa Trade and Investment Summit held in September 2023.

MTN is also setting up customer service points at both the venue for the summits and hotels hosting the delegates; to support their telecommunication needs.

MTN will in addition, exhibit at the East African Business Forum, a side event of the NAM summit, hosting business leaders and related government agencies.

Welcoming delegates to the Republic of Uganda, Chief Executive Officer Ms Sylvia Mulinge states, "Uganda is not just a location for MTN; it is our home. And, in turn, MTN is a home for Uganda. We warmly welcome all delegates to the Pearl of Africa, and invite you to experience the warmth, beauty, and potential that our beloved nation embodies. MTN Uganda is honored to be recognized and designated as the official telecommunications provider of the NAM/ G77 Summits; and we are committed to ensuring their success”. She went on to affirm that, “this collaboration is the evidence of our dedication to playing a crucial role in fostering unity, the economic growth of our country, and overall well-being of its people”.

Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, expressed gratitude for MTN's exceptional dedication, stating, "We thank MTN for continuously investing in the progress of our country both in the sector and through other collaborative initiatives with the government."

MTN is working closely with and continues to support various partners and government agencies including the Ministry of ICT and National guidance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda National Roads Authority, Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, the Office of the Organizing Committee, and thanks them for their partnership on this project.

As the telecommunications partner for the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77 + China Third South Summits, MTN Uganda is proud to contribute to fostering global dialogue, collaboration, and progress, and is honored to be at the forefront of providing connectivity that is a key driver in realizing the aspirations of our country Uganda.