Ask the Mechanic

Thursday May 13 2021
By Paul Kaganzi

Are all Pajeros prone to overheating?

Hello Paul, I would like to procure a Mitsubishi Pajero V93W, 3.0L, Petrol. It is, however, alleged that all Mitsubishi engines overheat despite the model and age. From your experience, how true is this?


Hello Vincent, treat as idle talk any allegation that Mitsubishi Pajero engines across all models and ages have an engine overheating problem. Engine overheating is a problem that can happen to any vehicle engine, regardless of the model or age. There are issues that cause overheating such as poor cooling system maintenance (coolant service to prevent damage due to corrosion and heat buildup) as well as failure to repair broken down cooling system components such as electric fans, leaking radiator or hoses, water pump, thermostat and fan switch.

If one fails to maintain any of these components when they buy a 10 or 15-year-old used Pajero, they should not blame Pajero as a product.


What car can I buy with Shs13m?

Hello Paul, I am working with a budget of Shs13m and I would like to buy a car. Which car do you recommend although I would prefer a Toyota.


Hello Guard, your budget of Shs13m can get you one of the two popular sub-compact super hatch cars; Toyota IST or Toyota Vitz, locally used with ‘UA’ series registration. The ones fresh from the bond with ‘UB’ series registration will cost around Shs22m. Both the IST and Vitz are good when working on a tight budget, easy to park and friendly during city traffic run-abouts.

I would point you in the direction of the first generation 2002 IST since the second generation 2007 IST will exceed your budget. IST is a higher end multi use sub-compact hatchback compared to the Vitz. The IST also comes with SUV styling and wagon-like spaciousness.

Its wider front grille and pronounced front bumper gives it a bolder look. This is accentuated by its sportier dynamic exterior styling and bigger dimensions. Its looks are also not deceptive and when you give it a spin, its body structure feels sturdier. Its interior is also roomier than the Vitz.

You have a choice of two engines; the fuel saving but sluggish 1.3 litre (88 horsepower) or the more gutsy and punchy 1.5 litre (107 horsepower). Listen to your heart and do the due diligence. Get a good mechanic to check the engine and transmission condition as well as to make sure the car you choose is being legitimately sold without any parking or tax dues.


What is the procedure, cost of extension of a driver’s licence to class G?

Hello Paul, l have a class B driving permit but would like to get class G also. What is the procedure and cost?           


Hello Edward, your Ugandan driving permit or driver’s licence class B allows you to drive motorcars (class A) and dual purpose vehicles. The class G driving permit you seek is for engineering plant vehicles and can be applied for if one holds class B permit.

In order to apply for an extension from class B to G, find a driving school to train for the appropriate extension before going to an Inspector of vehicles (IOV) testing centre with the driving school certificate and receipt for test fees.

Once you successfully complete the class extension test, the IOV will issue a certificate of competence and send a copy to the licensing centre, Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC) at the Railways headquarters. You can fill out an application form on the Uganda Revenue Authority website and pay the stated fees before presenting the receipt, form and a medical report to the licence issuing company USPC.

You will pay the permit printing fees before being issued with a new permit bearing the new class extension. The test fees are Shs25,000 and class extension fees of  Shs121,000.

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