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Use 5W30 fully synthetic oil to protect your engine 

Which engine oil should I use for my 2.7 litre petrol Toyota Fortuner engine?  Recently, a mechanic overhauled this engine to replace piston rings, bearings and timing chains. The dismantled engine had a lot of corrosion, thick oily dirt and tiny metal chips. The same mechanic could not explain why. He insists we continue using cheaper engine oil to service because all engine oils are the same. I am skeptical. Kindly advise whether it is okay to use any engine oil for my repaired engine.

Karamagi J.

Hello Mr.  Karamagi, different engine oils are designed and refined differently, therefore cannot be the same. 

Car engines cannot use the same engine oil because they are designed with different technology and specifications which have unique oil lubrication needs.

All engine oils are designed from base oils after refining from crude oil. However, different oil companies refine and blend their engine oils differently with performance and protection enhancing additives.

Engines like the 2.7L 2TR in your Toyota Fortuner are designed with performance and fuel efficiency technology such as VVTi (Variable Valve Timing intelligent) and timing chain kit.

This technology is sensitive to sludge or dirt build up, corrosion as well as susceptible to metal sheer or premature wear due to low oil pressure or oil breakdown.

Toyota recommends a fully synthetic engine oil with a viscosity grade of 5W30 for your engine. Reputable fully synthetic engine oils are designed and refined with more chemically complex processes to meet the protection and performance demands of modern engines like your 2TRFE 2.7L.

Use the 5W30 fully synthetic engine oil to protect your engine from the sort of damage you repaired.

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